An Overlooked USC All-American

Two weeks ago, I wrote that Carson Palmer, Jack Del Rio and Jeff Bregel are on the College Football Hall of Fame ballot.

Palmer is obviously going to be a popular choice. But if you go by college careers, Bregel probably deserves more consideration than he will get:

  • He was a two-time consensus All-American
  • He was a two-time AP All-American
  • He was a two-time Playboy All-American
  • He won the Morris Trophy in 1985, which goes to the Pac-12’s top offensive and defensive linemen
  • He was a two-time Pac-10 first-team selection
  • In 2008, Sports Illustrated named him to its 1980’s All-American team of the decade
  • He was a member of the two Super Bowl championship teams with the San Francisco 49ers

Oh, it should be noted Bregel is not even in the USC Hall of Fame. Remember, offensive lineman Marvin Powell is the only player in the College Football Hall of Fame who is not in the USC Hall of Fame.

19 thoughts on “An Overlooked USC All-American

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    1. Twitter Queen Pudly needs to spend less time scouring twitter like a 12 year old girl 24/7 and more time looking for a job.


    2. Pudly, great post. Garrison IMHO is one of the most underrated receivers we had. My recollection is that the jets for him really came on after he got out of the blocks. I believe he was close to world record speed in the 400.

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  2. I thought you told us not to pay attention to β€œAll-American” awards.

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  3. USC/John McKay never promoted Anthony Davis for the Heisman because McKay hated the faxt that Davis was dating his daughter.


    1. So now the Taliban Democrats come for John McKay, a member of the Greatest Generation? What will your fellow libtard Clay Russell do?


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  4. LMFAO!

    What a chickenshit coward Trump is…

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    The president’s attorney general contradicted his version of events later, revealing that Trump was taken there because “things were so bad” outside.

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    1. When is your good friend Clay Russell, the promoter of the Greatest Generation, going to defend your slur on John McKay, a member of the Greatest Generation? Or were all those thousands of words about The Greatest Generation just more hot air from a big phony lib?


  5. Jeff Bregel is absolutely an underappreciated Trojan All American!
    I believe he was also a Hudson Houck recruit–just as HH left the Trojans with JR for the NFL after the 1982 season.

    Jeff was a smart student athlete with a great sense of humor. He had a nasty streak if you crossed him wrong, so no one crossed him wrong.

    I believe he was a 4 year starter. Understand he suffered under some poor coaching during his USC career.

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  6. Jeff Bregel was such a great player and a smart guy too. He was a DL turned into an OL and absolutely flourished. Definitely one of the top OL in college football ever…


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