And In USC Football News

I hear the entire USC football team is expected be on campus tomorrow. This would be the first time since May when players were taking final exams that they would all be on campus.

20 thoughts on “And In USC Football News

  1. Are they going to bring their pillows in case they practice.

    There’s no season happening, maybe Helton is going to serve them ice cream.


      1. Trump hater Jimmy Kimmel is on Double Secret Probation!


        And the racist Democrats keep on getting outed!



  2. Chalk up another major win for Liberals…

    Search Results

    Featured snippet from the web

    ATLANTA — The Southeastern Conference on Thursday demanded that Mississippi remove the Confederate battle emblem from its state flag, linking one of the region’s greatest passions — college sports — with one of its most intractable debates.

    The republican racist house of cards is crumbling all around them.

    It’s about time.


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    1. Check up another Profile in Cowardice and Ignorance for Senile Joe and the Democrat Party.


    2. Black lives don’t matter to Democrats


  3. Tebow your mama go get together with joe biden in his basement get inside your Toilet Shut your Lid and Flush your self to u know what. ….Hell


    1. It is idiots like yourself that need to leave this country and really the world. What gutter did you come up from to spew such garbage. Wash out your
      mouth instead of your hands.


      1. Hey s-head, love your latest hero Bubba Smollett! He still won’t admit on Fake News CNN he cooked up the whole scheme to be a victicrat just like you. You love your Fake But Accurate News!


  4. Obama and Senile Joe should take their comedy routine on the road this summer:

    Just think, Senile Joe is really the Democrat nominee for president!

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    1. It’s not too late for the dems to save themselves tremendous embarrassment…..

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      1. Whatever we think of their politics it must be so hard for Obama and Hillary –who are sharp as tacks — to share a split frame with Biden…..

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