Frustrated USC Alumni Flood Zoom Call

I’ve been told almost 400 people are on the Zoom call with USC to hear why 45 alumni groups are being disssolved, a move that has proved unpopular as the university is taking control of these groups.

One alum told me that an official told the group it sounded like they were loyal to their local Trojan club and not the university. And if they loved USC, disbanding the club would not be an issue.

15 thoughts on “Frustrated USC Alumni Flood Zoom Call

  1. It’s Official…college sports all canceled due to coronavirus outbreaks. And the second wave hasn’t even hit yet.

    Thank Trump for screwing that up.

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    1. Once again Donald J., the sable genius, opens his mouth and confirms he’s FOS about Coronavirus.

      “It will go away, it will go away, it will go away,” ad infinitum.


      1. Once again Owns won’t apologize for lying to us about Russian Collusion for the last 4 years. He proves daily that he is a leftist conspiracy kook who takes his marching orders from the Clinton News Network.


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  2. In other news…the massive Saharan dust storm making it’s way across the Atlantic and headed toward American shores is supposed to put a damper on hurricane season, otherwise known as “Red State Annual Dependency On Socialist F.E.M.A. Welfare Trumpster Handout Season”

    Mother Nature is punishing trumpster’s for Trump’s corruption of the E.P.A. and his horrific de-regulation policies that were implemented to protect the environment.

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    1. I love it when you quote racist lib propaganda sheets!


  3. Folt is simply the most radical authoritative president that USC could have. There will be no differing opinions tolerated.

    The alumni should simply stop writing any checks to USC.


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