USC Morning Buzz: A Busy Tuesday Morning In June?

Quite a bit going on despite the lockdown.

  • I’ve heard around half of the USC football had been tested for the coronavirus by Monday. No word yet on when/if USC will announce results.
  • Former Florida point guard Andrew Nembhard has announced he will transfer to Gonzaga. USC was a finalist.
  • I’ve heard from a lot of alumni the past 24 hours who are upset about the decision to dissolve 45 alumni clubs as part of a restructuring that puts the university in control. This affects alumni clubs everywhere including Los Angeles and Orange County.

“They’re freezing all the club bank accounts and making everyone get their approval before hosting an event,” one alumni club official wrote me. “They’re also making each individual club discontinue use of their email list (most effective way of marketing by the way) that they’ve painstakingly built over the years and limiting marketing to ONLY Facebook groups which is ABSURD because many, many alums, ESPECIALLY younger ones, use Facebook sparingly if at all now.”

32 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: A Busy Tuesday Morning In June?

  1. Interesting situation —- players look & feel fine, if some test positive it’ll be a result of the ultra sensitivity of the test itself, it’s been said chance of those without symptoms spreading covid is extremely low…..

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    1. Where would you rather come down with it…at home and be subject to the limited medical facilities that might exist there, or on campus where they’d get top flight medical attention if needed?
      At the end of the day, all these guys and their families have been notified of the risks and the protocols in place to abate them, and willingly decided to try and play. And while we know that anyone could be come seriously ill, most in that age group are safer there practicing than driving around in their cars.

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    2. ……if some test positive it’ll be a result of the “ultra sensitivity” of the test itself,

      #FakeScience, #IsThatYouTrump?

      The DNC crowd keeps screwing over the progressives (Sanders, Warren) which divides the party

      #WarrenIsAMole, #WarrenScrewedProgressivesMoreThanDNC


      1. Look, s-head aka Gargamel the Scott Wolf Stalker is triggered after Senile Joe was so pathetic even Obama couldn’t hide his disgust.


        Poor s-head!


    1. I truly wish the Dims would put up a decent candidate, so we could remove the childish buffoon. But senile Joe isn’t it. (They learned nothing from 2016 about putting up an electable candidate.)

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      1. That entire crowd running the DNC needs to go.

        The hard core progressives are too far left.

        They keep trying to use millennials and the snowflakes as an excuse for a more progressive agenda, but the far left views aren’t a good selling point right now.

        Democrats need to stay more center, but just get rid of those clowns running the DNC…Wasserman-Shultz, Clinton’s and that idiot Perez.


      2. The DNC crowd keeps screwing over the progressives (Sanders, Warren) which divides the party


    2. You need to change your handle to wypipo-h8.

      A Seattle-based Black Lives Matter activist with the Twitter handle “wypipo-h8,” slang for “white people hate,” followed a terrified white woman home, harassed her, filmed her address and license plate, and is attempting to ruin her life for some social media clout.
      Karlos Dillard describes himself as an “author, entrainer, and public speaker.” He is also a racist woman abuser.

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    1. You thought this was outstanding:

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  2. Any reason given for the takeover of the local alum clubs? So much , energy is created by giving the locals the ability to spread the word, develop events and invite speakers, and get people fired up about the Trojans. This is what it means to be a loyal alum. 1984-ish top-down control flies in the face of the whole diversity, equity, inclusivity mantra.

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    1. 67 — Word is Carol needed most of the money from the alum club accounts diverted to her first mortgage payment….
      P. S.
      If covid concerns wind up causing us to skip Alabama, USC probably has a better chance of running the remainder of the table than the Tide does….

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      1. Michael, I’d love to see USC get back at ‘Bama. I still remember the 1970 game and that it was obvious the two teams were light years apart with USC on top.

        The light reversal happened in ’16 – time to turn the tables on ‘Bama.

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      2. 67 — I’ve spent many hours thinking about this …and here’s my conclusion: If the Alabama game produces a “turn the tables” result, I will be the happiest little boy on earth —- if it produces a 52-6 result I will be too sad to watch the rest of the 2020 season…..

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    2. Here in Colorado, our local chapter is the life-blood of keeping up-to-date with all things Trojan–AND IT IS AN INCREDIBLY NOBLE and DIVERSE group!

      Come on, Carol.

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  3. Very little Trojan talk here. The breakup of the alumni clubs is huge. I thought maybe the direction of the university would change after what’s been happening the last several years, and taking away the alumni clubs doesn’t seem like the right type of change. Same thing happened about 15 years ago with the Trojan clubs. The university took all but a few hundred dollars from bank account at end of year and dictated what we could do. There are only a few Trojan clubs still in existence today.

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