Pac-12 Now Knows What To Do Thanks To Big Ten

If the Big Ten plays football in the fall, it will be a conference-only schedule.

The ACC is expected to follow suit.

So now at least we know what the Pac-12 will do because the conference never leads, it follows.

What happens to USC-Notre Dame? The Irish want the game, of course, because they have six ACC games they will play and need a few more. USC would like to play, although the Athletic reported today no more than 12,000 fans will be allowed at the Coliseum in a best-case scenario.

Clay Helton’s smile must be getting bigger if USC doesn’t play Alabama.

36 thoughts on “Pac-12 Now Knows What To Do Thanks To Big Ten

  1. Bohn told Clay back in February, “Pandemic! If we play our cards right, no Alabama!”

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    1. Autzen stadium was a tough venue even back in the 80’s when the Ducks were horrible. Noisy, rabid fans. Unpredictable weather.

      A trip to Autzen during covid 2020?

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      1. Oregon might, sadly, be the ONE Pac 12 game that needs to be cancelled for “health reasons”….

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    2. Like

  2. Yippie 👏👏👏. My Trojans don’t have to get their ass whipped on national television! 😀. We can really pretend that we’re championship contenders now! My favorite coach, Clay Helton is the luckiest Bitch in the college football coaching ranks

    Fight On! ✌️😘


  3. It’s either gonna be Pac 12 conference only games (likely with no fans or bands in the stadium) or virtual CFB games played by Tyler Ninja and his buddies on the Microsoft gaming console.

    Did you know that some schools are offering e-sports scholarships? WTF?

    I’m so desperate I’ll sit down and watch live games with no fans or band in the stadium with “canned” cheers and fight songs dubbed into the play-by-play (kinda like the laugh track dubbed on 1970’s sitcoms). Since COVID 19 has not jumped to horses yet, I think Traveler gets to still run the sidelines.

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    1. Just saw this Bourbon, thought he sent it directly for you…

      Always a courtroom right around the corner to listen to the sob stories…

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      1. On a serious note —can you imagine the lawsuits if games aren’t played, revenue is lost and college players’ NFL dreams are put on indefinite hold —all due to questionable executive orders by dem governors? …….

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      2. I’ll defer to Guarino on matters of litigation.
        I’ll settle for a Fall 2020 power5 conference only slate for CFB.
        The group of 5 are all in their own conferences, right?

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      3. Yeah, they are. But some of these P5/G5 matchups are the difference between reaming even or going bust for a lot of these smaller G5 schools.
        But it is as you say…they’re on their own.

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      1. Robert E Lee’s trusty steed–Traveller with two “L’s”.

        Mary Custis Lee– President George Washington’s great granddaughter.
        Robert E Lee lead the US Federal Army and earned accolades for his leadership during the Mexican American War.

        President Abraham Lincoln’s first choice to lead the Union Army? General Robert E. Lee.
        No segregationist himself, General Lee reluctantly turned down the President’s offer as he could not wage battle against Old Dominion.

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      2. I am going to tear a corner off your Trojan knowledge card 22 (or counterfeit 22)
        General Robert E. Lee’s horse was named Traveller and the Trojan mascot is named Traveler. There is a difference and if you care to look it up.
        Now Folt might try to do away with Fight On, but that’s another worry for now.

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      3. I know there’s a difference, you know there’s a difference, but when did facts ever stop brainless preachy racist libs?

        Black Student Assembly co-chair Sophia Jackson is triggered!


      1. Agree 100%, MG.
        Sending two of CFB marquee programs to hot-as-hades Texas for an August game no one should attend in person is not smart policy for anyone (other than Jerry JOnes?).

        I’ll weep for the SEC schools when they regularly come to the West Coast to play Oregon, USC, ASU etc for a SATURDAY NIGHT game at 8PM. We all know that traveling East is far more difficult on the human body than is traveling West. Yet, Pete Carroll did it (and was pretty much undefeated as I recall).

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  4. Just a really random thought, but one of my buddies said if USC-NotreDame gets played this year, they should broadcast the game in black and white. To give the game an old time authentic feel even though it is 2020.



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  5. Michael Lev weighs in saying there’d be a new 10 game schedule…

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  6. “It’s Every conference for themselves,” Michael, until Dec/Jan!
    Then, things could get reeeealllly interesting.

    My issue with group of 5 football is the 10 rest games the good schools get each season.
    With parity (parody) in the Power 5 conferences, you get beaten up each and every week. Nevertheless, I’m open minded and would love for Coach Kiffin (or the kid at Nebraska) to school me on the group 5 vs power 5 dilemma.

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  7. Maybe y’all boys can focus on that “California championship” HA! scared of Bama, Notre Dame and scared of Oregon too. Y’all just wanna play the Pac 12 South and New Mexico. Maybe that’s all you softies can handle anyway.


  8. It will be a shame if SC doesn’t play Alabama and ND. Two games that I expect would be blowouts. Pointing out the insanity of keeping the worst college coach in America.

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  9. Hey rest in peace

    Is it still true that if your lads are behind at halftime, Saban threatens them with having to attend class the next week?

    How bout that terrific citizen Reuben Foster? Has he murdered any women lately or just beat them to a pulp?


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