Who Opposes Spring Football? Everyone At Fox

Every Fox pundit on its “Big Noon Kickoff” show opposes playing football in the spring.

Urban Meyer:

“When you play a long season and when you get to spring practice … when you play 2,000 competitive reps, your body is not ready for contact in three months or two months. It’s not. I would not put those players in harm’s way.

“You talk about student-athlete welfare – no chance. You’re not doing that.

“That’s No. 1, is player safety and welfare.

“No. 2 is, if I’m Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields or [Chris] Olave, some of these high, high draft picks, I’m not playing. I’m getting to go make some money and go earn a living and support my family.”

Joel Klatt:

“I think going to the spring is an absolutely terrible idea. I think it’s atrocious, and I think the leagues that do it are setting themselves up for real failure and player safety issues in the fall of 2021.

“This is an awful idea – terrible idea.”

Matt Leinart:

“At this point, coaches and teams will do anything just to play, and if that’s the last resort, then maybe that’s the last resort. But spring practice is not the same as a spring football season. It just isn’t. There’s not even a comparison, so I would just worry about the players’ safety.”

Reggie Bush:

“There’s a reason there are six months between seasons. That’s how much time it takes for your body to recover.”

20 thoughts on “Who Opposes Spring Football? Everyone At Fox

  1. Answer to Fox’s concerns: Skip 2020 and 2021 seasons —start fresh in fall of 2022….

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    1. First domino to fall Pudly 76….
      The rationale is seemingly reasonable: standardized testing for Covid19 within their conference, less travel, more ability to rapidly change within an incredibly “fluid” situation. It helps that the B1G have a massively large and loyal fan base (13 big, old, public schools) that is spread all across the country and owns a reputable TV channel to fall back upon.

      Pac 12? Not so much.

      Anyway, BAMA v USC not-withstanding, I’m in favor of the same accommodations if it means we have a Pac 12 FB and WVB and WSoccer season for 2020.
      USC ND FB in 2020? Hmmmmm…..

      We all enjoy the intersectional rivalries and the great non-con games, but let’s just try to have a 2020 season if it is feasible. Interestingly, IF we press ahead with a 2020 season and IF we actually complete the slate and IF we crown some real conference champions and IF Novavax, GSK, J&J and all the other pharma DO COME UP with some sort of vaccine this Fall, then we just might have some interesting and relevant matchups for a D1 CFB playoff in Dec or January!!!!!!

      I might open the Blanton’s for that one.

      I know. A lot of “IF’s.”

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      1. No doubt Bourbon, some is better than none, but for the irish and BYU cougs the financial hit will be severe. An article a week ago from Bama.com said it would cost the immediate region over $1B in revenue losses to cancel the season. In the case of the irish they should manage but some of the public schools I don’t think will fare as well.


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    1. Notre Dame will take our place against Alabama….. and win…

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    2. The princess?
      Who gives a fuck about them?
      I’d also love to see NBC go the year without showing any CFB.

      Might finally push the Princess into a conference where they share the FB money more equitably.

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  2. The smartest crew on Television (the gang at CNBC) when remarking about IVY league schools cancelling Fall sports pointed to the economic loss to the SEC schools if they don’t have a CFB season. Yes, $1B is the starting estimate for the (economically and ethically challenged) South. They do know how to party on a CFB Saturday.

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    1. Agree with every word…except I’m not sure the south is more ethically challenged than the west……


      1. I think the boosters, fans, and large public SEC schools are a tad ethically challenged vis-a-vis CFB. Does Cam Newton still have his Heisman?


  3. My mistake on the BYU game.
    I guess the Cougars will have to play us in 2021 when Slovis is a sturdy, smarter Junior.

    Who said, “revenge is a dish best served cold” ?
    I can wait to 2021.

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