Larry Scott Takes Another Pay Cut But Is It Enough?

Larry Scott graciously agreed to take a 12 percent pay cut for the next 12 months, according to an email obtained by the Oregonian. He will still survive on his $5.3 million salary.

The problem is Scott is cutting other employees’ salaries 5-10 percent after making them work in super-pricey San Francisco. And he already laid off 8 percent of the Pac-12 Network staff in April.

Maybe he should cut his salary to $2 million and lay off no one. The Oregonian story is worth reading because it hints the Pac-12 CEO Group might be tired of Scott.

28 thoughts on “Larry Scott Takes Another Pay Cut But Is It Enough?

  1. The Pac 12 university presidents wanted a quick buck from athletics. So they hired a self-promoter – not exactly the personality they really wanted – who guaranteed a quick buck by selling out pretty much everything they had, including the start times for games. But Larry went crazy over the top on his costs by locating in SF, and he f’d up by never signing DirecTV and by losing AT & T. The only reason he will stay on is if he snookers the university presidents again.

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    1. If he could have gotten the Oklahoma and Texas schools to make a Pac 16 he would have been worth every penny. But he failed and the conference is worse now than the Mountain West now.


      1. Good news MG- President Carol Folt will be very motivated to make sure USC will be opening with students on campus for sure this Fall now so the football season will be played:

        SO ON THE ONE HAND, YOU DON’T NEED TO BE HERE ON A STUDENT VISA IF YOU CAN ATTEND ONLINE FROM HOME: ICE Says Foreign Students Can’t Attend Online-Only College This Fall, Despite Pandemic. On the other, this is a big financial blow to the many universities that depend on a lot of full-freight-paying foreign students to make their nut. Then on the gripping hand, there’s this email from a friend: “Trump has just kicked out all Chinese University students by hiding it in a sea of ejected international students. . . . Universities can either help Trump get re-elected by returning to in-person classes or going bankrupt and cutting off money from the Democratic Party.”

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      1. gt –It’s pretty obvious that Mister “Rest” is fluent in boardroom give and take — the subtlety, the attempt to find consensus, the prestige vocabulary —it’s all there…


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    1. Poor senileobama is really triggered after his All Day Napalming.


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      1. That’s the bad thing about lying…. it’s hard to keep your story straight…
        [It’s a measure of how desperate the dems are that they decided to go this direction this late in the game]….

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    1. senileobama, Owns, IQ13 and Heathcliff Russell are bitter now that even their beloveed NY Slimes admitted the latest Russian Collusion conspiracy was fake news:

      “On Friday, the New York Times had to acknowledge the Russian denials and issue a partial retraction, conceding that, “there is no evidence to date that Mr. Putin signed off on any program to kill American soldiers in Afghanistan, and even independent experts say they strongly doubt he would have done so.”


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      1. Here’s the way the NY Times plays the game now —print anonymous hearsay for CNN & MSNBC to run with for a week…..then say “sorry”….

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  4. Republicans are bitter that Trump is getting his ass kicked every which way. Haha you fucking losers!


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