Some Schools Bringing Around Half Students Back To Campus

Princeton is cutting tuition 10 percent because most classes will be online.

But it has come up with a creative plan for students: Half the undergrads will be on campus at a time: Freshmen and juniors in the fall, while sophomores and seniors will be there in the spring, with restrictions on social activities and a rigorous testijng program.

Harvard said it is bringing up to 40 percent of undergraduates to campus, including all first-year students, for the fall semester. It plans to bring seniors back to campus and freshmen would return home in the spring.

  • Brad Pye Jr., a legendary sports columnist and sports editor, at the L.A. Sentinel for three decades died Sunday. He was 89.

Pye led the effort to desegregate the Coliseum pressbox in the early 1960’s. USC changed its policy first, followed by the Rams and UCLA, who were all tenants at the Coliseum. Here is the Sentinel’s obituary for Pye.

18 thoughts on “Some Schools Bringing Around Half Students Back To Campus

  1. The poor leftists on here just cannot show anything they can bring to America that will offer anyone except the marxist leaders any hope. What a sad state we will all be in if Trump loses. The future appears very bleak indeed if he loses. Everyone works for the gov’t, wages and jobs drop, production drops, and eventually China ends up owning most of America. Great outcome. Hate Trump all you want, but defend our nation against these marxist wannabes.

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    1. A lot of otherwise smart people —who’ve unfortunately been educated to accept globalism as an absolute good — can no longer see that the one thing that stands in the way of China’s ambitions is a strong America. And it’s ironic that the first President in 35 years who wants to bring troops and factories back to the USA is being called a traitor to our country….

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  2. And in other news….tennis larry still owes money to the conference coffers..

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    1. Oldest trick in the insider handbook. Accept “loan” money secure in the knowledge no one is monitoring repayment. This is how 75% of the developers accepting government money for low income housing operate –then they don’t even build low income housing.

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      1. Ha! That’s what community redevelopment was all about –developers come to the city or state, ask for 50 million [for low income housing] and build high rises for big business.

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      2. I’m sensing a pattern here. Multimillionaire SJW Larry Scott gets a free mortgage and Governor Mimbo’s lavish winery Plumjack gets a federal bailout….

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      3. gt —It’s nice things worked out so [unfairly] well for him …what with that blind trust and all…..

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  3. Brad Pye, Jr. should be honored for his efforts to have the Coliseum pressbox desegregated.

    Does anyone here think it will only be a matter of time when the name of the Coliseum pressbox will be changed from the Otis Booth Pressbox to the Brad Pye, Jr. Pressbox?




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  4. There seems to be a lot of right-wing hacks/Trumpers here who make comments that have nothing to do with the substance of the post … why? Do you have that much time? Are you that angry?

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      1. Im sorry your life is so drab and empty….angry old man you have become. I will pray for you.


      2. That’s funny. “Brice Taylor” falls back on the same “angry old man” rhetoric as the guy who finds the time to turn every sports discussion into a junior high school extension course in Marxism…..

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    1. Sounds like you do selective reading dumbass. The republicans are not the ones that are angry all the time, it’s you left wing marxists that cannot control you tempers with you hair on fire all the time.

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