Pac-12 Goes To Conference-Only Schedule

As expected, the Pac-12 is following the Big Ten model, which means no USC-Alabama game.


27 thoughts on “Pac-12 Goes To Conference-Only Schedule

      1. Helton hasn’t emerged from bathroom since announcement….

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      2. Owns – no bullet to dodge in west weird. Another 3-7 season with fat chocolate chip. How many millions has the athletic dept busted their budget? You come over here and shoot your fat mouth off, look at your fucked up school. LMAO at you and Joe Biden.

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      3. Owns why are you such a liar? It must be that you take after your role model Senile Joe. Remember when even ABC couldn’t stand his arrogant blather and exposed him as a fraud?

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  1. So the idea is to prevent the spread of germs during a long distance flight. The distance from L.A. To Arlington is only about 200 miles further than L.A. To Colorado. Flying a charter plane lessens the impact of flying of with healthy people. Living quarters can be cleaned. What’s the problem?

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      1. Only 9? I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anyone as lucky as Helton. If he was a gambler, which I doubt, Las Vegas would ban him. As my mother would say, fell into a pile of fertilizer and came out smelling like a rose. Plus, what about Traveler? Look for the horse to be the next one banned since he has the same name as Robert E Lee’s steed. Plus, how can a mascot be a white horse.

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    1. I think it was BuddaKarma who gave HC CH the apt moniker, “Horseshoes Helton.”
      Indeed, the luckiest QB coach to run the sidelines ever.

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  2. Apparently the problem is ‘Bama:
    • Figure the Pac12 is already considered the shit conference outta the “big 5”, and
    • ‘SC is one of the conference’s supposed best teams.
    • Why risk a clay helton led team embarrassing the conference to an even greater degree than he has already?
    • Solution found courtesy covad and arbitrarily applied cautions
    • Now the local press pigeons can play fantasyland football and sell anyone who’ll listen, that clay has got something special goin on… and the shenanigans continue

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  3. Has anyone noticed how weak leadership is these days?

    I missed Warren Bennis. He taught leadership courses at USC.

    Of course now you have hard core leftists and progressives dominating academia.

    Pac 12 is microcosm of poor leadership – Scott, ADs, University presidents and cronies on the Boards.

    We had a real good shot at beating ND this year too!

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    1. The CDC states that there are 124 covid deaths in the 15 to 24 age category. This is a tiny percentage of the population. Less covid deaths than the flu for this category. So why are we shutting down in person classes and cancelling football. It is ridiculous. Football is an inherently dangerous sport. The players know that. Ask them if they want to participate, have them sign a waiver, and get on with the season. It is less likely that football players in 2020 will die from covid than from CTE.

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      1. Great point. If you look at Orange County data, they haven’t had a death of anyone under the age of 25. As far as your comparison to the flu, flu cases among children is an actual number and not one that is an estimate.


    2. Agree with your post, BurrowTrump, though I would replaced “weak leadership” with “no leadership”. This is a time that universities could demonstrate factually-based leadership, but instead they sail along, doing the bidding of the NYT.

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    3. Warren Bennis was my one of my MOR mentors. Took two classes in the OB and MOR department from him. Lots of cool chats with him. Wrote a couple of great books too. He could lead a scared mouse into a lions mouth. That dude was brilliant, and a nice guy too. Damn that was a long time ago.

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      1. Yes I do, but I’m not getting as many likes that I expected, so I’ll probably log into my other profiles, and like myself a few more times. It makes me look, and feel knowledgeable 😀. Fight On ✌️


  4. Damn. I was looking forward to the crazy and detached-from-reality mumbo jumbo that Helton was going to say during the Bama post game presser after yet another game of getting rag dolled.

    Same goes for Notre Dame. The Irish were going to beat SC’s tail yet again under Claydoh.

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    1. Don’t worry, F.G. — Alabama or no Alabama, you’ll get to hear Helton’s “there’s no success like failure” speech soon enough…..


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