USC Night Notes: Mike Bohn And Larry Scott Edition

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott has tested positive for COVID-19, per the conference.

  • After three rounds of COVID-19 testing at USC voluntary workouts, 201 tests were conducted with four positive results.
  • Here is Mike Bohn’s statement on the Pac-12 going to an all-conference schedule:

38 thoughts on “USC Night Notes: Mike Bohn And Larry Scott Edition

  1. I believe it was Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park who remarked, no matter how impossible the situation, “life will find a way.” USC, confronted by a date with Nick Saban on September 5th, found a way.
    Picky-Picky Department: Mike Bohn’s above first paragraph is an ass backwards mess. How much would it cost to get some bright, young English Major on staff to do these “statements” for him? I’m sure there’s gonna be the need for plenty of “statements” throughout 2020…..

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      1. Once Tom Hanks’ wife got covid, it was only a matter of time before Larry got it…

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      1. He went from the fun Charlie Bucket aliases he initially used to great comedic effect 4 years ago to these dark disturbed sock puppets. He needs professional help.

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      2. How on earth could the beloved Charlie (“take a knee on this, Scott”) Bucket evolve into this? It’s like Al Pacino evolving into Joe Pesci……

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    2. RIP old man.

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  3. Old Man, you need help. I find your anger, as expressed through your
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    I suggest you take your foul rant elsewhere.

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      1. Serious question: Are any of his iterations sensible? I seem to recall earlier personas being able to put together sentences and express thoughts. I didn’t agree with the thoughts expressed —but, at least, they were thoughts….

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    1. I’m sure Clay Helton was pleasantly surprised when he got the good news that he wasn’t going to be embarrassed on national television September 5th. Funny thing though, his Trojans will still get their ass whipped by a few PAC 12 foes 😂😂😂. Fight On ✌️


      1. Not if we fashion the “right” Pac 12 schedule…..

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      2. P. S.
        With no beat reporters assigned to them, I guess UCLA didn’t need to bother with announcement…..

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  4. Sure looks like AD emphasized Pac 12 made decision not him.

    Was there a vote by the 12 conference members?

    I would be shocked if the vote wasn’t 12 to 0 because in today’s society there can be no disagreements or debate on any issues.

    Maybe Wilner will get to the bottom of this as he is a real journalist.

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      1. This would be a lot funnier if I hadn’t just watched Lawrence O’Donnell explain the “multiple layers” of Biden’s “economic philosophy”….

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  9. Actually Guarino is a good man!

    Excellent attorney.

    Taught Johnny Cochran everything he knew.

    The man is secure enough to use no aliases too.

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    1. Johnny was a great guy and I really liked him. One day when the traffic signals were out in front of the Criminal Courts Building, I came out of trial at noon to see Johnny directing traffic. Who else would do that?
      [But who won People vs. Washington, et al? Johnny or Mikey]?

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