USC Saturday Buzz: The Luck Continues

It’s pretty much a consensus opinion that Clay Helton is one of the luckiest men alive.

He kept his job after last season. He won’t face Alabama or Notre Dame. Or maybe there won’t be a season and he won’t lose any games.

About the only possible poor scenario for Helton might be if college football starts in January. USC has a lot of juniors who might go pro early and could skip the season.

But that’s not a big deal today. USC plays in one of the weaker Power 5 Conferences so Helton might think he has a chance at the College Football Playoff if a conference-only season takes place.

18 thoughts on “USC Saturday Buzz: The Luck Continues

  1. Nobody’s leaving under the current set of circumstances……they have a lot to prove and the talent to prove it.
    All our guys will just mature and get better for a delayed season…..

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    1. P. S.
      …And maybe, by the time they DO play, Helton will have moved on to his new position…..

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  2. Hey guys, remember the Iowa game? Remember the BYU game? Remember the Notre Dame game? Yeah stay safe in the Pac 0 and you will lose to Oregon. HA!


    1. senileobama are you Peaceful Moderate Democats going to riot in honor of this Peaceful Moderate Democrat shooting at a policeman’s head from 3 feet away?


    1. Funny how the Democrats on the board don’t like Zach fighting antisemitism. Actually it’s sad, many Democrats and Muslims like AOC, Tlaib and Omar are united until they destroy America and Israel.

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  3. The other way to look at Helton’s luck, is to say USC fans have become unlucky… witness the hiring and then keeping a coach who would be unsuccessful at high school, much less what was a big time program. and then there is getting a President who has a history of failure and who has de-emphasized sports in her previous

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  4. I would like to get serious for a moment.

    Well that passed quickly. The only coach luckier than Helton is Chip Kelly. no really… hear me out Owns, and less cordial trolls.
    He was hired to return the UCLA program to prominence, but dodged a bullet when the UC board of directors decided to not cancel fall sports as the CSU system did.
    Helton has had assistant coach issues, player injuries and other distractions at USC, which have served as excuses for his mediocre showing.
    Kelly has had alienated players dismissing many players and can blame poor recruiting prior to his taking millions of dollars to work miracles.
    Now they both have the magic bullet in Covid-19 because that one key player on their team, the one upon whom all success pivots, is surely sitting out this season for to health reasons.
    I wonder seriously if it’s too early to start thinking, “wait until next year”

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  5. This will be Kellys last year. Fucla thought it would be a big time hire & broke the bank for him. Well….somebody’s bank.
    I’m not a good predictor but it’s safe to say that the ruins are going to deemphasis athletics in a big way. UC is being run by people who could care less about athletics. The UC tit is dry & will be for several or many years. Football runs all college programs and for a while the ruins gave SC a run in SoCal. Now the ruins are clearly the #4 football team in the southland.

    The ruins are now the guppy in the big pond. I hear Stockton is looking for a college team.


  6. I had no idea USC football attracted so many right-wing nutjobs. Geezuz.

    Helton and Trump are like twins of another mother:
    (1) They both have no idea how to succeed in their jobs
    (2) They both were incredibly lucky in how they got their current jobs
    (3) They both will fired soon (Trump first most likely)

    All these right-wingers here will soon start crying and complaining “we are losing OUR country” (i.e. our place and standing in society) – which is the root of most of the fear, anxiety for these voters.


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