USC Roster Could Look Different For January Season

If USC has 19 juniors who could be potential draft candidates and 10 redshirt sophomores who also have a chance of going pro early, how many would back out of a January football season?

Obviously not all of them would turn pro or skip a season. But it only takes a few to impact a team.

54 thoughts on “USC Roster Could Look Different For January Season

  1. Prediction: Nobody leaves. With the NCAA’s attention turned toward politics, we can get away with slipping every player on the team a few thousand bucks and a new car…….

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      1. Why are Democrats like senileobama, OWNS the Marxist, IQ13 and Heathcliff Russell so intolerant?


      1. I heard senileobama, IQ13, OWNS the Marxist and Heathcliff Russell are boycotting GOYA products!

        Why are you preachy libs so racist against an honest Hispanic business?


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      1. Senileobama forgets another Goldwater Girl:

        You really are that stupid to post that here!

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  2. Why would the Jr’s leave? I mean Clown U FB deleted Alabama and Notre Dame games (Two sure Losses) and replaced them with 2 cupcake Pac-12 teams: Wash. St and Oregon St. Paddy cake, paddy cake, paddy cake!


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    1. Update: USC’s Legal Department announced yesterday they’d sue U. C. Davis but for the fact they’re judgement proof…….

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      1. Now, now MG, mismanagement is Clown U’s middle name.

        And worse MG, the former bozo President Slapsy Maxie, the leader of SUCC’s mismanagement team is still living in the University’s San Marino president’s home and incredibly has University tenure and a lifetime seat on the bozo BOT.

        That MG, is valid proof of Clown U’s apex mismanagement.


      2. My dear friend, Owns,
        Regarding that BOT seat—- it’s only promised to Max “for as long as he lives”…….

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    2. Owns left Cerritos Auto Square (South Street, South Street) and now is manager at Bath and Body Works in Scottsdale AZ!

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      1. Twenty- two you ignorant, eight-ball, Bath and Body Works won’t employ a Marxist.

        Twenty-two you really need to pull you head out.

        A republican voter would rather vote for a Tuna Sandwich rather than Donald J.

        #Come Nov. 4th 22, you’ll be SUCC’ing Trump Hind Titty.


      2. Sure they did. Unfortunately they fired you after your outburst.

        But the good news is I heard Cerritos Auto Square is letting you come back to your job as Junior Car Washer.

        They don’t mind you mumbling your antisemitic conspiracy theories to the bumper of cars you are washing out back, far from the ears of customers.

        Why are you Peaceful Moderate Democrat Rioters such loudmouth intolerant violent anti-semites?

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      3. Please, Owns, don’t pin your hopes and dreams on a Biden victory……

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      1. Pervert Joe has a special mask made so he can sniff underage girls hair!


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      1. Why would Portland prosecute, gt? Prosecution is designed as a DISINCENTIVE….

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    1. RIPOM:
      I did a little research on coprolalia–outbursts of foul language…
      “Aside from Tourette’s, brain injuries, strokes, dementia , seizures and many other forms neurological damage can usher the onset of coprolalia as well. It is known to be caused by brain dysfunction, but the details are, as yet, hazy.”

      While it does not look good for you, risperdal or haldol might be helpful. Behavioral modification likely won’t be helpful for you.

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    1. senileobama bring back Charlie Bucket. Your new generation of sock puppets are boring. You should bring in the comic stylings of disgraced Deep State Puppet Senile Bob Mueller. Listen to this pure comedy:

      “Mueller concluded by arguing the special counsel’s team made every decision “based solely on facts and the law and in accordance with the rule of law.”

      “The women and men who conducted these investigations and prosecutions acted with the highest integrity. Claims to the contrary are false,” Mueller wrote.”


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      1. gt —It’s all funny —-but the funniest part is the last 2 words: “Mueller wrote.” Oh, I’m holding my sides right now!

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      2. gt —It hasn’t gotten “comedic” yet. “Comedy” is what happens when Mueller is subpoenaed back in front of the Senate (Graham sez subpoena will go out next week) to explain the “thinking” that went into his Op Ed piece…..

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      1. Michael, the ruin trolls could use a Dale Carnegie course or two. And a vocabulary expansion. They have about 10 rants that are randomly re-posted every day.

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      2. Michael, none of these rants seem to be from a thinking person. What are the chances that these various trolls are fictions that Scottie has set up to create these rants and increase viewership? This is a stretch, as Scottie can’t even seem to use a spellchecker, but you never know…


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      3. 67 — Scott wrote me a personal note saying we should all be nicer to tebow because “the poor guy is doing the best he can…”

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      1. The “Dementia Joe” video – I can’t get through the whole thing. By the time I get to the video of Joe sniffing a baby’s head like a dog, I gotta turn it off…

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      2. It’s so sad that even ABC News Sam Donaldson pronounced Senile Joe unfit to be dog catcher decades ago…. yet the Democrats brought him back.

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      3. 67,
        The “sniffing like a dog remark hits home…..

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      4. How could the person who compiled this leave out Dementia Joe claiming COVID-19 has killed 120 million Americans?!

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    1. I don’t believe that……
      [….Unless the tuna sandwich came from Saul’s in Berkeley —and not one of the new ones with an onion ring inside (wtf?) —-one of the ones they used to make with plenty of tuna and really fresh rye bread]……

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      1. 67 — Oh, man, I forgot those! Saul’s had the best in the world…
        [Because he died recently, allow me to say that Saul’s was the place I last saw the President of the University I worked for, Charlie Glasser —-a good, good man]…

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