USC Sunday Buzz: Another Financial Hit?

Clay Helton might be happy USC is not playing Alabama but it can’t be good news for the athletic dept.

Alabama was being paid $6 million for the game. USC was probably being paid less but still receiving a huge payday. The Trojans got nearly $5 million to play Alabama in 2016.

That’s another dent in revenue. I heard today about another season-ticket holder who declined to renew their seats. How do you get many of these people back post-coronvirus?

18 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Another Financial Hit?

  1. The more often I come here the more I realize this blog isn’t about football anymore. This blog would be more correctly named: “Trashing USC; an inside look at what I can find wrong with university I attended.”
    And furthermore the last week or two children have been posting their rhetoric aimed at insulting each other without having any teeth. I expect to see, “your mother was a hamster,” soon.
    As for dropping the Alabama game the correct interpretation is not USC dropped it, but USC is being told they are not allowed to play it.
    There is always something to bitch about I expect to see a piece on dandelions growing in front of heritage hall in the coming weeks. By the way my power is out at this moment. If I find out USC is responsible, I am going to litigate.

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    1. Truman, anyway you spin it, SUCC FB is ecstatic they don’t have to lose large to Alabama and Notre Dame. Those losses have been replaced by Cupcake games vs Oregon St. and Wash. St.


    2. Truman I love you but it’s not appropriate to trash Scott and the “children” who follow him in an “anti-trash” comment….

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  2. There are two ways to get people back after this corona virus. 1. Fire Helton and 2. Win convincingly.
    You can’t do number 2 without first doing number 1.

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    1. …and since Carol may never do #1, #2 might never happen either…..

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    2. Answer 1. and 2. can be summed up together like this:

      Hire Urban Meyer.


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      1. Can you point to one thing Carol Folt has done in the last 6 months that suggests she would EVER hire a MAN like Urban…..?

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    3. #1 will never happen. Helton will be the USC head coach for as long as he wants to be at this point. Any Trojan fan that tries to believe that SC administration is ever going to make a change at that position is absolutely lying to themselves and setting themselves up for even more crushing disappointment. Thus concludes my public service announcement.

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  3. The less revenue the athletic department takes in the harder it gets to fire Helton. The stupid contract Lynn Swann gave him has a ridiculous buyout.

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  4. People are mad at Wolf for being negative USC, but he’s right. I’m embarrassed of my school. It started with the terrible management and poor onfield performance, which lies directly at the feet of the idiot c***s***** Helton. I’m so sick of his lies and BS. I stopped watching his interviews even before the 5-7 season because it was so palpable that he was full of s***. He’s a worthless human and the old trope that “he’s a nice guy” is utter BS meant to gloss over the fact that he’s clearly incompetent.

    The new b**** Carol Dolt is a piece of work, too. USC trying to act “woke” by pushing false narratives out of fear of angering the temper tantrum throwing marxist mob with no grasp on reality is a shame. I’m embarrassed and I’m done.

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  5. I think it’s fantastic that USC is taking another financial hit through it’s athletics, because they take everything for granted, and need a wake up call. I bet nobody from SC pressed the issue to allow the Alabama game to be played.


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