USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week


Clay Helton

“Coach Folt” might be in no mood to pay off his contract if there is no college football. 2021 here he comes!

Pac-12 CFP hopes

Can a Pac-12 team make the CFP if they just play conference games? How do you keep them out of the Final Four if they go undefeated? Even in a mediocre conference?


Status Quo

The coronavirus has wreaked havoc on sports. No one can make definitive plans for anything these days and everything is a mess.

USC football

It doesn’t look like there will be a season at this point, which hurts the players most. And the athletic dept. coffers.

John Wayne

The Duke’s exhibit is no longer being displayed in the Cinema School. But whatever happened to the bust of him that used to be in the lobby of Heritage Hall?


Whether it did or not, it looked like it simply rubber-stamped the Big Ten’s decision to play conference-only games. And Larry Scott is “is self-quarantining” at his home in Danville.


USC and Notre Dame have played each other every year since 1946.

Chris Zambri

The USC men’s golf coach is out after 14 seasons.

47 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of Week

  1. SC should never have hired Helton in the first place. Sometimes those intended “temporary experiments” turn permanent. Have fun, Trojan fans! Sic transit gloria.

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    1. “I believe that “phase 3” of the voluntary workouts begins today.?.?.?”… Really? Son, if you’re going to try and scoop Scott Wolf, then do your research, and stop asking questions like a dumb ass … ok ? Fight On! ✌️


    2. Time for Scott to do a USC 2020 win/loss prediction (complete with fantasy scores)…..

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    3. So then there’s this…

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      1. Irony of ironies department: J. T. might have a better chance of actually being able to play football this season than Slovis…..

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      2. Look everyone, I scooped Scott Wolf again. I need to get some followers, so I can start my own blog, but I know nobody would follow my Clown 🤡 Asss 😂😂😂 Fight On! ✌️


  2. It’s not a given that USC is going undefeated, just because they’re only playing a PAC 12 schedule. Keep in mind that Clay Helton is still the Head coach, and has always had the most talent in the conference, but it never translated to the field of play.

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      1. Keep in mind senileobama the brainless preachy Libtard is the Moderator and can imitate any poster here, including my dumb ass..😂😂. Fight On.. Baby ✌️


    1. senileobama the Peaceful Moderate Democrat was on an Alaska Air flight last night….


    1. You could tell he was a pandering loser when he got a boner over the fact he got to be mocked on Saturday Nite Live….

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  3. There are too many talking points to discuss regarding CFB scheduling, but just getting through a conference only schedule would be a stunning accomplishment in 2020/1 for all of the Power 5 and Group 5 conferences.

    With the Covid data from this weekend, I can’t see how any sports get played…though I am hopeful.

    Anyway, sports didn’t matter during WWII, as a huge group of America’s strongest and brightest went off to battle Fascism.* The USC ND rivalry picked up after WWII and has been remarkable ever since. The USC ND rivalry will resume swiftly “after COVID” and will be all the more relevant again–and Mr. Guarino and I are certain that the Trojans would best ND this season.

    After a remarkable (and likely somewhat boring) conference only schedule with no fans or bands in the stadium and lackluster TV performanc, an 8 team CFB playoff in January with fully rested and fully vaccinated teams would be a real boost to 100,000,000 CFB fans’ spirits. Maybe, just maybe, live attendance could ensue.
    Rest assured it would be two shots of Blantons that night!

    (yes, the vaccines will only be 50% effective, but there IS hope!)

    Time for the snarks to “chime in”…

    *In a non-Title IX world, women’s sports had not evolved in the 1940’s as yet–to much regret. Missed opportunity back then. Yes, “there’s no crying in baseball.”

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    1. What is so alarming about the Wuhan Flu data ? The cases going up or the deaths going down ? And wouldn’t it be nice to see a recovery number ?!?!?!?!

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      1. Good point. Deaths have slowed down to lowest per capita rate in the western democracies. But publishing news like that would generate optimism…and influence a return to work and schools. [btw, the # of cases have gone up as a result of 2 things –an expanded definition of what counts as covid and increased testing]….

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      2. gt –The worst thing that could happen to Biden is for the # of reported covid deaths to go below the reported # for all other major diseases…

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      3. As the argument goes, BK…..

        “It takes awhile to die from COVID, so the yet to climb death rate lags the spiking case rates.” Hard to argue that point, as hospitals get paid very handsomely to keep people alive in an ICU and have shown a propensity to keep folks on ventilators for several weeks. Seems it takes far more than one month to die of COVID under such circumstances. This may account for the death rate not climbing as yet.

        I lived in an ICU for 4 years (as a surgeon, not patient).

        I favor a more optimistic line. My line.
        1. Health professionals are getting better at diagnosing and treating the disease.
        Earlier use of blood thinners to prevent the morbid complications of widespread clotting (which is a huge part of morbidity with COVID) , earlier use of decadron (steroid) which blunts the massive inflammatory response (cytokine storm) which Covid SARS-2 evokes, maybe earlier use of antivirals such as Remdesivir (not sure on this point) etc.
        2. More vigorous testing just creates more cases. “The more you look for a disease the more you might find it.”
        3. The high risk (for death) people are appropriately quarantined (self- or otherwise), so the new “cases” are lower risk people (young 30 year olds out partying and being young….)
        4. Data errors (on cases). I doubt this.

        I take the optimistic line, while still being smart and cautious until proven right (he he).

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  4. Chris Zambri was from ucla and never won a national title. He
    choked the one year team favorite awhile ago when championship
    held at the Riviera C.C. here in SoCal.


  5. I wish that spinless no good piece of whale dung, Larry Scott, would make an excpetion and allow SC to play ND. That would be a brighten up the demeanor in this country and within the southland. What an idiot Scott is.

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  6. Hey 22, get a load of one of Donald J’s staunches political flunky’s.

    “Oral Robertson blames Coronavirus on oral sex, ‘Lady chemicals.’ ”



    1. My dear friend Owns,
      Robertson sez so much dumb stuff —no need to seize on an obviously satirical quote….


      1. Whereas everyone knows he should have increased it…..

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      2. I want AOC to go through the thousand of frames of video taken over the last several weeks and find one frame of a person stealing “bread”…..


    2. Hey Owns, get a load of your hero Senile Joe lie about being a college football player:

      That sounds like something you would tell the other car washers at Cerritos Auto Square (South Street South Street)….



  7. An ex-Trojan Ron Schwary died last week. Ron was a fraternity brother of mine and when at USC he was the manager of the football team. He was the first to take pictures of the opposition defense and then ran down from the press box to give the defense to McKay. Ron wanted to get into pictures. So one Sunday he drove down to Newport Beach and knocked on the door of John Waynes house. Wayne was in the same fraternity as Ron and I. He asked Duke for help in the industry. In 1980, Ron who was Jewish by the way, won an academy award for producing the Ordinary People which was a smash hit. He claimed the Wayne was a huge influence in getting him started. He went onto win many additional awards in Hollywood. So in Wolf’s loser of the week which he lists Wayne, the real loser is USC. Wayne was no bigot and careful inspection of his work and charities shows that.

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      1. Thanks Mike…, but you’re not quite good as me with the inside information, , but keep trying, you’ll eventually get there.

        Fight On! ✌️


    1. John Wayne was a kind and generous guy –and a bright presence for everybody on Balboa island. No, he wasn’t PERFECT. Nobody is. At about the same time as I met Wayne for the first (and last time), I realized that the owner of our summer house on the island had a drinking problem. But I still respected him and appreciated his good nature and wise advice…..

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    2. Great stories about Ron! That’s what makes this blog special. Read about what John Wayne did for Ron in the Hollywood Reporter:

      “Schwary graduated from Jesuit High School in 1962 and then USC with a business degree in 1967. After college, John Wayne, a fellow USC alum, paid the $218 for Schwary to take the assistant directors training program test to become a DGA trainee. When he didn’t pass, the actor helped him get work as a stand-in for Hoffman on The Graduate (1967) and as an extra in Planet of the Apes (1968).

      Schwary passed the test the second time, and in 1973, he won a DGA award for outstanding directorial achievement in a comedy series (shared with Gene Reynolds and Wes McAfee) for his contribution to the pilot episode of M*A*S*H.”

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      1. Nice…

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    3. I read the playboy interview. Very tame. Not sure the phrase ‘affirmative action’ was around but that was the phrase that would have kept him out of trouble. Instead he used terms that were in the vernacular of his era. Now he is being judge by 2020, social consciousness. It’s so wrong, a bit disheartening actually.


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