JT Daniels Is Immediately Eligible

Talk about an expedited transfer. The NCAA granted former USC QB JT Daniels immediate eligibility at Georgia.

Is Daniels even healthy? Does he want to compete against ex-Wake Forest QB Jamie Newman? Will there be a season? So many questions that could render the waiver meaningless but we’ll see.

Has the NCAA ever responded this quickly?

32 thoughts on “JT Daniels Is Immediately Eligible

    1. in my eyes, he could not beat Slovis. Slovis is better. I think JT knew that as well. That is my opinion and hunch. I have no inside information.

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      1. I think the closest we can get to “inside information” is the score against UCLA when J.T. started at QB…..and the score when Slovis started…

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      2. I’m sorry but I cannot agree with Michael nor the others. I’m shocked that Michael of everyone can’t remember that Moron helt— was the offensive coordinator for JT last 4 games with “ Gumbo “. I’m going to laugh my ass off when Mr. Daniels wipes the floor with Slovis. I’m willing to wager that JT will outperform Kedon in the Professional NFL, additionally I know that CAL & UCLA we’re so pathetic last year & Iowa was an Also ran. Trivia- what team did Iowa score the most on? Do you people realize how bad our offensive line looks? There is no question that the PAC-12 is truly a terrible conference. I’m afraid that there is no mirage in this desert,guys stop smoking the funny stuff and quit drinking it is killing your remaining brain cells. Michael- after your recent post I am truly saddened by the fact of deleting my past comments on your leadership- you’re suffering from BIDENISM-67 is now king. I’m disappointed Michael- You seemed smarter oh well.


    2. No JT was afraid to compete against him, so he asked for an immediate waiver to make it look worse. Makes sense to no one. And I know this, because I’m Pudly76, the true USC insider 😀

      Fight On Baby ! ✌️


    3. Players come, players go. Unfortunately the going part doesn’t seem to apply to the leader/ceo/spiritual guide of usc football. On the bright side, since homeboy is sticking around, we get to enjoy watching him gosh-golly his way thru things like explaining why we lost to an oregon state.
      I can understand those tired of the “clay sucks” narrative wanting to talk slovis or hufunga or about the absolutely meaninglessness of preseason award watch lists, or the recycled afterthoughts (so’oto the exception…) bohn brought in to miraculously coach up all the supposed nfl talent, or how THIS is gonna be the year we show we’ve taken back the west, etc, etc. I get it… i dont agree, but i get it.
      What i don’t get however, is how orlando or graham or cudly clay or the fact some here today gone tomorrow recruit just listed us in his top 40 is gonna help this team grow some heart n ‘balls. The kinda heart and the kinda balls that wouldn’t allow an Iowa St to literally shove the f*ckin ball down our throats 3 consecutive times leading to a TD. You can’t solve a lack of fight by watching film. You can’t solve lack of will by having custom made blueberry protein shakes waiting after each stretching exercise. You cannot solve a willingness to finish 2nd by making unoriginal hype videos. The only way to fix is to fire the fuck who wouldn’t recognize tough if it bit him on his charmin soft ass.

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      1. Apologies for the shite grammar, structure, syntax, and whathaveyou above. Shoulda just said imho our team is too damn prissy. They, at times, seem to be more concerned with looking the part, rather than living the part. The on field product is Capt Kangaroo when it should be Calico Storico.

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  1. My hope for JT is that he spent the last 3 months bulking up the torso/core and chest/lats/shoulders. In today’s game, if the QB is not above 220 lbs, I cannot see how one can stand up to the punishment.

    Oh, same hope for young Kedon.
    Hated seeing his mom on TV fretting as poor Kedon got repeatedly pummeled last year.

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  2. I remembret the ncaa giving Cam Newton clearance within a day. They said he did no wrong, yet wiht SC they took five years. So you are wrong Scooter. Things have been cleared faster.

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  3. Wolf asks will there be a season? Not in the fall of 2020. With the new restrictions now being imposed on California there is no friggin way football is played by the collegiate ranks starting in September.

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      1. Hmmmm….

        Move some big weights outside in (sweltering) So Cal so our fellas to lift outdoors?
        …Kinda like Venice Beach “back in the day.” (Do they still have weights on Venice?)

        Would be nice if “leadership” could “think outside the box” and create some solutions to keep our fellas fit and strong.

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    2. Folt & Helton ALREADY know there won’t be a season —they’re just letting their ducks line up before making the tearful announcement (crap… every form of “there” showed up in that sentence —-makes it recommended reading for tebow)….
      [Here’s a good one —in several states under more or less complete lockdown via executive order, the governors are talking about making up the revenue shortfall by increasing taxes on homeowners]…..

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