Mike Bohn Says Season “50-50 At Best”

USC athletic director Mike Bohn was on 710-AM and said a football season is “50-50 at best.”

Full interview here


22 thoughts on “Mike Bohn Says Season “50-50 At Best”

  1. I think the AD is absolutely correct with his assessment based on the current environment locally and nationwide.

    The real question is what is the drop dead date to go ahead with season, cancel or postpone.

    My best guess is around August 31st give or take 5 days.

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    1. Maybe “drop dead date” is not the best way of posing the question…..
      It’s pretty fucking obvious that USC is slow walking the “no season” announcement……

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      1. Suggestion Department: Since he’s not gonna be busy on other stuff for a long while, Helton could use this time period proving his sainthood by serving as human guinea pig for the new vaccines…..

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      2. Helton: Okay. But on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being scream at the top of your lungs hurtful, how would you rate this ‘little needle stick?’…

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    2. I want the players to be as safe as possible — and if that means they shouldn’t play this season, so be it. But I hope the phrase “assessments based on the current environment” doesn’t translate into “current political environment” —– and I hope the decision to keep the season from happening isn’t based on the notion that asymptomatic positives (from 1% of the player population) represents a persuasive rationale for keeping healthy athletes off the field. That kind of half-assed rationale could be used to block supermarket shopping.

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    3. The only factor in favor of our season going forward is that having games gives Helton and Bohn more opportunities to look into each other’s eyes and hold hands afterwards…[like in that great photo Scott should run every day from now on]…..

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    1. This has little to do with reality ….and probably even less to do with player welfare ——USC is looking for reasons to get in line with California’s dem leaders…..

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  2. 50/50 is cool for ice cream bars, not so much for a football season. Speaking of ice cream, what’s the big soft serve himself, C. Helton, gonna do with all the free time he’ll have if the season is indeed canceled? Well, based on a clay-quote in a recent puff piece by spratling, I’m thinking he should work on improving his talent evaluation skills and/or clue us in on what he thinks the word “special” means. A quote from 2016 signing day:
    “The three big men we signed today from Frank Martin to E.J. Price to Nathan Smith, these guys are really special,” Clay Helton said during his national signing day presser.

    Damn. I don’t know bout y’all, but it certainly seems to me that clay telling people you’re “special” is the kiss of death for a football career.

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  3. A little bit O/T, but if you want to understand Folt’s priorities, football ain’t it.

    International students make up +/- 25% of the undergraduate enrollment, and almost all of them pay full retail, i.e. $56K/year. Almost none of them give a rat’s ass about Trojan athletics.

    By way of comparison, the students that receive maximum financial aid pay about $14K/year. So it’s fair to assume that’s SC’s break even point for what it costs them to have a full time student on campus, not including books, room & board, etc. etc. So you can see what’s important to Folt and the BOT. Give or take 5000 international students, each one contributing $32K to USC’s bottom line every year. That’s what I call a profit center.

    Given the above assumptions, does anyone think Folt gives a crap whether the alumni are unhappy about the football team being one game over .500 the last 2 seasons?

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    1. But…but….what about school spirit….? And the joy of tradition? Are we to believe these mean nothing to Carol….? “Beats there a heart so cold”…?

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      1. Carol Folt is replacing the Trojan Family with the UCSB Gauchos tradition. Her idea of a rivalry is the “Blue-Green Game” playing arch rival Cow Poly in soccer.


  4. Season is over. The handwriting is on the wall. If he is wishy washy now, that will not change due to the climate of Emperor Newsome. Folt will follow what the libtard says. then the munchkin will pass on the wishing orders to Bohn. At least USC did not lose a game this season.

    What happens to the seniors? Do they get another year? What about recruitment if the senoirs stay? This makes, “Days of Our Lives”, look normal.

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