Watch Lists But Will There Be A Season?

It’s weird to see watch lists coming out when it seems doubtful there will be a season in the fall.

But USC QB Kedon Slovis has made the watch list for the Davey O’Brien Award, which goes to the nation’s top quarterback.

Here is the complete list:

2020 Davey O’Brien National Quarterback Award Watch List

Hank Bachmeier, Boise State, So., 6-1, 200, Murrieta, Calif.
Ian Book, Notre Dame, Sr., 6-0, 206, El Dorado Hills, Calif.

Alan Bowman, Texas Tech, So., 6-3, 210, Grapevine, Texas

Charlie Brewer, Baylor, Sr., 6-1, 206, Austin, Texas

Shane Buechele, SMU, Sr., 6-1, 207, Arlington, Texas

Jack Coan, Wisconsin, Sr., 6-3, 221, Sayville, N.Y.

Sean Clifford, Penn State, Jr., 6-2, 219, Cincinnati, Ohio

Dustin Crum, Kent State, Sr., 6-3, 201, Grafton, Ohio

Micale Cunningham, Louisville, Jr., 6-1, 200, Montgomery, Ala.

Jayden Daniels, Arizona State, So., 6-3, 175, San Bernardino, Calif.

Sam Ehlinger, Texas, Sr., 6-3, 230, Austin, Texas

Justin Fields, Ohio State, Jr., 6-3, 228, Kennesaw, Ga.

Dillon Gabriel, UCF, So., 6-0, 186, Mililani, Hawaii

Donald Hammond III, Air Force, Sr., 6-2, 220, Hampton, Ga.

Sam Howell, North Carolina, So., 6-1 1/4, 225, Indian Trail, N.C.

Mac Jones, Alabama, Jr., 6-2, 205, Jacksonville, Fla.

D’Eriq King, Miami, Sr., 5-11, 195, Manvel, Texas

Trevor Lawrence, Clemson, Jr., 6-6, 220, Cartersville, Ga.

Levi Lewis, Louisiana, Sr., 5-10, 190, Baton Rouge, La.

Kellen Mond, Texas A&M, Sr., 6-3, 217, San Antonio, Texas

Tanner Morgan, Minnesota, Jr., 6-2, 215, Union, Ky.

Jamie Newman, Georgia, Sr., 6-4, 230, Graham, N.C.

Bo Nix, Auburn, So., 6-2, 207, Pinson, Ala.

Brock Purdy, Iowa State, Jr., 6-1, 212, Gilbert, Ariz.

Chris Robison, Florida Atlantic, Jr., 6-1, 200, Mesquite, Texas

Spencer Sanders, Oklahoma State, So., 6-1, 199, Denton, Texas

Kedon Slovis, USC, So., 6-2, 200, Scottsdale, Ariz.

Zac Thomas, Appalachian State, Sr., 6-1, 210, Trussville, Ala.

Kyle Trask, Florida, Sr., 6-5, 239, Manvel, Texas

Brady White, Memphis, Sr., 6-3, 215, Santa Clarita, Calif.

36 thoughts on “Watch Lists But Will There Be A Season?

    1. Fun Fact….If a chimpanzee lines up under center for USC he’ll get some yards, because it’s the system, not the quarterback. How many of Mike Leach’s quarterbacks are in the NFL ? Keadon Slovis is just another product of that statistic building air attack offense that will never lead a team to a national championship, it never has, and never will.

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      1. When I watch Slovis as a true freshman, the kid is a QB, irrespective of the system. Below, you can see his arm and the ability to throw it after the play breaks down:

        (He does need to release quicker to avoid hits).

        As far as getting back to Natty territory goes, QB is not the problem area, nor running a spread offense IMHO. Oklahoma under Riley runs a spread-type offense. I’d love to see what USC could do with the Oklahoma line opening holes for Stepp, Christon, VM, Carr. Then we would have ball control to go with Slovis throwing the ball, and being able to keep the D off the field.

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      2. 67 —Throw in a physical defense and we’d really have something. [I’ve heard our new D-Coordinator really puts the fear of God into his guys at first…..but he starts to wear on the kids after a bit. I worry that this stretched out pre-season might interfere with the momentum he brings]…..

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      3. Michael, your comment about Orlando wearing thin after a while sounds like what happens with Jim Harbaugh. He is a talented coach, but such a nut case that he wears out his welcome after a few years to the point where players and staff just can’t stand to be around him. Happens everywhere Harbaugh has been. His brother doesn’t seem to have the same intensity issues.

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      4. 67,
        I bet Jim would be closer to normal if he didn’t lose the Super Bowl to his brother on a non call [on that endzone interference]……

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      5. Fun Fact: Peaceful Moderate Democrats like senileobama, Owns the Marxist, IQ13 and Heathcliff Russell are intolerant racists:

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      1. Very Good News —and I really hope this brings relief to millions….

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      2. Guys —check out the breaking news coming out of Florida —- the covid positive percentages being reported are TEN times the actual percentages….

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      3. gt — The dems are faking the numbers….but. luckily for them, the US Justice Department is fast asleep —and the only ones checking the fake #’s are small new organizations with zero power to do anything about them…..

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      4. P. S.
        That would be “news” organizations…. not “new”…..

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      1. Yep, and westweird has done nothing to develop him, as I believe he came in as a 5 star recruit. He is also running for his life half the time after their poor excuse for an o-line breaks down, which doesn’t help…

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      2. gt—once the rankings get below the number 60, it really doesn’t matter….

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      3. gt,
        Let’s give the kid his due — he plays hurt ALL the time, he plays for a man with do-nut sprinkles over his t-shirt and he gets zero protection from his o-line……

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      4. JustOwns,
        This just in: Biden thinks he’s married to his sister.

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      5. Michael, I’d put DTR in the top 5 of the category “Total O-line breakdown, followed by at least 30 yards of scrambling across the field, and then flinging it to avoid the otherwise inevitable 15 yard sack.”

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      6. 67,
        I’ve seen him pull off miracles on bad ankles — he’s a real gutsy and talented kid…..who has the misfortune of playing for a bored glutton of a coach only in it for the $$$…..

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      7. Michael, I wonder if Stan’s Donuts delivers? I am guessing that Chip’s orders alone can cover the cost of getting a delivery guy.

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      8. 67,
        They actually DO deliver. But not to Chip’s neighborhood. Apparently, all spring — while the driver’s attention was diverted by fireworks during stops— his entire truckload of donuts was stolen by “a chubby gnome-like creature”……

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      9. ‘67, Michael they solved the donut problem by putting a franchise in the coach’s offices as well as the locker room and in the Rose Bowl showers…

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      10. gt –Let’s be serious: At the exact point Joe looks straight at his wife’s bright green sleeve to take her hand, it should have occurred to him that he was NOT taking his sister’s dark sleeved hand….


  1. This just in, Donald J. repeatedly praised Lou Saban, HC of Alabama FB, for his accomplishments at a Univ. of Alabama political event.

    During Donald J’s recent cognitive test he needed no help connecting the dots of a sq.



    1. This just in, OWNS the Marxist’s role model Senile Joe admitted he was a blatant cheater in Law School and that he plagiarized 5 pages of a Law Review article.

      Most people would have quit in shame and gone into Interior Decorating.

      Not Our Joe!

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