Morning Buzz: USC Enters Phase 3 Of Workouts

USC entered Phase 3 of its on-campus workouts and I’m told the Trojans actually used footballs.

That was probably a relief for the players, who haven’t been able to work out with teammates and footballs since the first spring practice back in March.

The big question now is how long these workouts continue as conditions seem to be getting progressively worse?

When is USC’s first game? Sept. 19 at Stanford? More likely sometime in January. Or fall of 2021.

39 thoughts on “Morning Buzz: USC Enters Phase 3 Of Workouts

  1. They should just cancel the season for crying out loud, then go ahead and give Clay Helton a three year extension. It just doesn’t make sense to start the season in January, followed by spring practice. But I so desperately want Helton to succeed, because he’s a dedicated coach, who sleeps in his office four days a week. That’s how he’s able to produce underachieving, and mediocre teams .


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    1. I know I keep referring to the USC teams, and players from the past, but it’s only because they’re not worth a piece of shit now, especially that Dick Head loser, Clay Helton.

      Fight On! ✌️


      1. senileobama did you see where Trump was right once again?

        Why are you Peaceful Moderate Democrat Rioters so anti-science?


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      3. Newsflash for Left: You can be sympathetic to the plight of the Palestinians AND, at the same time, NOT hate Israel or American Jews…..

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    2. The great Marcus Allen scoring on record breaking run, Coach Tom Flores jumping up & down on the sidelines and former coach John Madden calling the game —– pretty special video!

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      1. Kedon freakin Slovis will probably get his ass knocked the fuck out, because “Helton the Great” totally ignored the offensive line over the last four years . 😂😂😂😂


      1. Luckily, we go WAY up now w/o Alabama or Notre Dame on the schedule…

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      2. Michael, as everybody knows, I have more connections then Scott Wolf. So when I called Phil Steel last night on his private cell, he said the Trojans should be ranked in the 30’s , because Clay Helton is a dumb ass.

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      3. “Evil Twin Pudly76”,
        In the interest of fair disclosure, it was me who called Phil at home (in the middle of the night, disturbing his quality time with the little woman) and got advanced notice of the unit rankings, national rankings, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Team All America Team Rankings, Power rankings and toughest schedule rankings (yes, I agree, that is one fuckload of rankings—maybe even 2 or 3 more than we need). I only asked “The Good Twin Pudly76” where USC was ranked nationally to secretly test his knowledge (and he passed with flying colors)…..

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