Never A Dull Moment At USC, Part II

Apparently, there’s a new scandal involving USC’s Office of Conduct, Accountability and Professionalism, according to a report from KCET.

Excerpt: “The attorney’s lawsuit was filed just days after USC named a new leader for equity, equal opportunity and Title IX, replacing Gretchen Gaspari, who is accused in the court document of retaliating against the attorney for reporting that her own husband, John Gaspari, was convicted of misusing graphic photographs involving another woman, costing him his job as executive director of the USC Center for Work and Family Life. In the complaint, Gretchen Gaspari is referred to as Dahlinger-Means.”

14 thoughts on “Never A Dull Moment At USC, Part II

      1. You are to be congratulated, kenwible. I know you well enough to appreciate that this request is made in the interest of ensuring the photos are destroyed….

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  1. We now know how Dean Ellis was fired.

    It was that damn dossier that Caruso and Nikias kept in their desk.

    I would love to see the dossier on Clay.

    USC sure is one cesspool since August 3, 2010 (day Dr. Sample retired).

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  2. That Bozo administration can’t seem to get out of their own way, they really do know how to pick winners. Dr. George Tyndall, Max Nikias, Pat Haden, Lynn Swann, Steve Sarkisian, Clay Helton the Clown 🤡 etc etc , ….It’s a never ending comedy show 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Fight On….You dumb asses ✌️ 😂😂

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  3. No American private/public University does in-house scandal like Clown U. Its nothing but an expensive scandal a month academy

    The SUCCX amicus curiae brief supporting Harvard and MIT will, most likely, be filed in the nearest court dumpster.



    1. OWNS the Marxist, why did your hero Senile Joe pick the Marxist Anita Dunn to be his senior campaign advisor?



      1. No clue.

        Why did Donald J. call the Coronavirus pandemic a hoax?

        Why does Donald J. repeatably bent over for Putain? – ’cause he loves it.


  4. Ah, good ole Gretchen Means, the woman who used Title IX like a chainsaw, ruined Boermeester’s and other’s career, Donna Heinel’s BFF and other god awful Pat Haden hire. The rot from Pat Haden’s tenure is something to behold.

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