Monday Reader Forum: Winners And Losers Of The Week

As I mentioned yesterday, there’s so much reader engagement here I’ve restarted the site as the season approaches and will be posting content.

Here are the winners and losers of the week:


USC schedule

The Trojans are 10.5-point favorites over Arizona State. Did the Pac-12 rig the schedule for USC? The toughest opponent is a double-digit underdog.

Jack Sears

He was pretty much flawless in his start vs. Air Force on Saturday. I’m sure Clay Helton will have something positive to say since they are “family.”

Matt Corral

Remember he was committed to USC at one time? The Mississippi QB completed 31 of 34 passes for 412 yards with six TDs and no interceptions vs. Vanderbilt.


BLVD Studios

USC wanted to do what it does best, pat itself on the back, for creating a video-production studio to make “cutting-edge” videos geared to 14-18 year olds. Instead, its first venture blew up in its face.

Mike Bohn

He scored an own goal with that misguided hype video, which is being erased from the Internet.

USC scrimmage

Clay Helton said Monday he decided to do more of a “game simulation” last Saturday instead of a scrimmage because he didn’t want three straight full-pad practices. I wonder if Todd Orlando agreed with that.

26 thoughts on “Monday Reader Forum: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. Where are the quality control people with an independent opinion to vet stuff , including the hype video? Surely many people must have watched that before it went live. A tip of the hat to the poster who previously commented “Those are 3 minutes I can’t get back” He was spot on. It is obvious how flawed the video is, including the concept. Is Heritage Hall really just one big echo chamber?

    And hats off to Sears and Corral for their performances this past weekend. IMHO Slovis has the best arm, he just needs decent protection and knowing when to throw it away, and he could put up huge numbers.

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  2. Recruits/players aren’t the problem at USC…it’s the crap coaching that brought the program down after Carroll left.

    Oh, the incompetent clowns running the asylum at USC are as much to blame for the Trojans being irrelevant when it comes to sports they used to be highly competitive in

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  3. It’s truly a sad situation with USC football. I believe the only reason our football gets any attention or respect is only because of our past glory days. WHEN, WHEN will USC football be a national championship contender again?

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    1. Reasons for hope, tfl:
      1. A promising group of YOUNG asst coaches to “reform” a moribund program.
      Calloway, Baxter, Pendergast?
      They were just trying to supplement their social security checks (not that that is inherently bad. I honor the dudes supplementing the $1000 SSI monthly)

      2. Financial troubles in collegiate athletic budgets. Title IX and sports are supremely important in the liberal collegiate sporting world. If Trojan fans don’t return in huge numbers, President Carol Folt will be required to upgrade the Trojan FB program.
      3. California college athletes making cash off their likeness.

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  4. Again, Congrats to Sears. I hope he balls out at Boise State. Upsetting to hear Helton is leading the practices and making game-week decisions. That’s a bad omen for the team. But, as usual, it’s all we have. I hope the team can overcome the weight of Helton around its neck and ball out anyway. Good luck to the team and Fight On!

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    1. We all cheer for Jack Sears. While he made a difficult decision last season, it allowed him to play this year. Smart kid.

      We missed your analysis this past Summer.

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    1. Scottie is working overtime, here and at the SI site, and I completely agree that the SI venue just wasn’t the same. Glad we brought the prodigal son back to where he belongs! Let’s keep it going!

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      1. Why introduce politics in the equation? Just say you are supporting 45 and move on. You do not have to knock others in the process. This is to gotroy 22. I hope this exchange among trojans does not turn into advertisment for our political preferences.


      2. Why introduce politics in the equation? Just say you are supporting 45 and move on. You do not have to knock others in the process. This is to gotroy 22. I hope this exchange among trojans does not turn into advertisments for our political preferences.


    2. One feels that you just weren’t quite as interested in talkin’ trash over at SI.
      Gonna be a great-if short–Pac 12 season. Glad you’re around.

      BTW…from balmy Denver/Boulder: HEY GO BUFFS! F-em up! F-em up! GO CU!

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  5. Would someone please tell me what the video was all about? What was P so upset about? I have always respected his opinion.


  6. Wolfman… please look into whether Charlaton Clay will be bringing back “No Pads November” practices after the first game is played.


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