Was Jack Sears Good Enough To Start For USC?

Here are Jack Sears’ stats in two college starts:

Sears is 39 for 51 for 526 yards with five TDs and zero interceptions.

But he couldn’t start at USC?

Yes, now USC is set with Kedon Slovis. But Sears was never given a chance vs. JT Daniels, who is still waiting to play at Georgia.

25 thoughts on “Was Jack Sears Good Enough To Start For USC?

  1. Hard to believe Jack was fourth string at the start of last season. Would love to have him back. Fingers crossed the Trojan O-line can protect Slovis a lot better than last year. If not, it will be a long, long season for Kedon and the rest of us.

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    1. Yes, Sears is good enough to start at USC. Especially if that idiot, Gomer, could recruit a marquee offensive line. The question should be…

      Is Gomer qualified to scrub toilets on campus?

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  2. Ironically, Jack left USC as a 4th team QB. Now, JT left USC and is 4th team at Georgia…I have to think that JT’s lack of foot speed/quickness would be a big issue in the SEC.

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    1. Alternatively, Matt Corral (who fled USC a few days after competition started) seems to be doing alright with Coach Lane Kiffin at Old Miss.

      Despite all the negative vibe, University Park has been quite the crucible for fine College (and Pro) QB’s for now 20 years.

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      1. Like a lot of people around here, 67, I’m more interested in USC having the top QB for the year 2020 than the last 20. And, you’re right, Slovis’ success depends on the USC O-line finally showing us something. [I got the feeling from listening to Max Browne that he thinks we’ll have another average o-line this year].

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  3. “Was Jack Sears Good Enough To Start For USC?”

    The answer to that question is yes.

    If a Jack Sears led Boise St. team were to play a Slovis/Helton led USC team in a bowl game this year the final score would be…

    Broncos 48

    Trojans 23

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      1. It is looking more and more like Orlando’s firing from Texas was to make Orlando the fall guy for Herman. The TX defense this year is no better, maybe worse – giving up around 33 points per game this year.

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  4. Same old shit, and loving it. Clown U goes 5-2 on a truly cupcake schedule.

    Andyain’twinning wants a similar schedule and all home games.

    Tomorrow 22, the ugly bull toad will get the pie-in-the-face he so richly deserves.

    Welcome back Mr. Wolf.

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      1. A few months ago…even a few weeks ago…Biden would have recognized he was conflating two separate programs…. blinked a few times…. and corrected himself on the fly. These days he doesn’t notice…..

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      1. So true, PJM. Today’s LSD is just to damn strong. After a half tab I told my wife that I was positive that USC would beat— and lose to — every team they play this year…..

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