Sunday Reader Forum

I’ve heard from a lot of readers that they prefer posting on this site and I want to encourage discussion with the season approaching.

So I’ll start off asking if Jack Sears proved last night he was good enough to start at USC?

And how did that hype video strike you?

And USC opened as a 10.5-point favorite over Arizona State.

43 thoughts on “Sunday Reader Forum

    1. He was a talented dual threat QB —-with a mind of his own —who Helton took an instant disliking to once he started showing his stuff at practice…..

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  1. Scottie!! Welcome back, brother! We kept the porch light on and have been going rogue since July 31! Over 10,000 posts on your July 31 swan song!

    Regarding Jack: IMHO, He was clearly ahead of Matt Fink based on what we could see. Ranking Sears behind Fink was a head scratcher to me.

    I don’t rank Jack ahead Slovis. But I would love to have Jack back, and am really happy for the great outing he had for Boise.

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    1. There were ugly rumors that Jack loved football….and USC….but not Helton…..and, therefore, he wasn’t allowed to play football for Helton or USC…

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  2. And the hype video…where can one begin? Words fail me. Let’s forget about that.

    Scottie, Stepp is looking good, yes? Any news on why he was supposed to have missed 3-6 weeks following a ligament repair, but ended up missing over a year?

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    1. I’m gonna make a prediction (based, like all of my predictions, on pure ignorance)— not one single NCAA player will get seriously ill due to covid alone…perhaps some will get ill due to covid in combination with various other health problems ….but not one will suffer from 100% covid symptoms for over 10 days…

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      1. So true, MG!
        You must admit, however, that it was Bourbon4me did the math for us back in September in the (less than famous) post “pardon my wonk.”

        Back then we had 349 young American men and women under the age of 25 who had perished from covid. The denominator was estimated at 59,000,000 (59 million Americans under the age of 25). Without considering the pluckish little kindergartners and the women who won’t be playing CFB, we calculated a mortality from covid of 6 per million. With 20,000 young men age 18-22 playing major CFB, the statistics support your contention.

        And, Michael, I must disagree with your parenthetical assertion. All of your predictions are spot on brilliant.


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      2. Ha! [As you may have guessed the above reply did not land where it was supposed to, Bourbon —- but as long as I’m here allow me to say that, for some reason I can’t quite put my finger on, your last paragraph was the best paragraph I’ve ever read]…..

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      1. Yeah –it’s a beautiful thing, Gabby! Scott played us all like fiddles —letting us work ourselves into fever pitch over the election ….and then directing us back into football the week of the 1st game…

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  3. He is the backup QB in Boise. He only got the start because the starting QB went down. The starting QB went down at Georgia and JT didn’t beat out the walk.

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      1. No one who saw J. T. play against our archrival UCLA will ever be a J. T. fan…..

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      2. In High School, JT was surrounded by incredible talent–tons of 4-5star future scholarship FB players (and many future NFL’ers). As happens in CFB, a QB’s mediocre talent can be hidden by his strong supporting cast.

        You knew Drew Brees was special–given Purdue’s general lack of talent.
        Philip Rivers at NC State? Patrick Mahomes at TTU? So many other QB’s. You know that if Purdue won 5 games, it was 100% on the shoulders of Brees, Mahomes, etc.


    1. That girl Slovis won’t last two games before he’s sidelined because he can’t take a hit.

      Slovis is lucky he didn’t have to face Alabama…his football career would have been over.

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      1. There is a difference between a quarterback…. (he throws the ball at people) ….and an O-line ….. (ideally, they protect throwers from taking big hits)…..

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      2. Dang it’s fun to have TO and the mean-as-stink snark back.

        Please stick around til 2021, cuz Slovis will be shredding everyone in his Soph/Jr Season.


      3. Sears has got 2 games under his belt. He did well in both games. Slovis had the greatest true freshmen season for any QB in the history of SC. That includes Haden, Peete, Lienart, Sanches and many others with the possible exception of Matt Barkley. You sure you would take Sears over Slovis?


      4. LOL!

        That girl Slovis lost to BYU, throwing picks all over the place.

        Then that girl Slovis couldn’t make it out of the 1st qtr. against an overrated Utah team. She had her bell rung against the Utes, carted off to the locker room and sat out the following weeks loss to Washington.

        Then She-don Slovis went to South Bend and had that deer in the headlight look in her eyes and lost to the Irish.

        A few weeks later she ended up throwing 3 more picks vs Oregon in an embarrassing beatdown at the Coliseum, losing 56 – 24 vs the Quacks.

        She-don Slovis then finished up her season by getting bitch-slapped around and knocked out of the game vs mediocre Iowa, hurting her elbow while getting curbstomped 49 – 24.

        parcelman007 is beyond delusional.

        What was so great about She-don Slovis getting hurt and sidelined like a little girl with a skinned knee everytime he took a D-1 hit, all the while leading USC to blowout embarrassing losses to slightly better than average teams?

        Jesus H. Christ, the standard and expectation for USC football has sunk to an all time low.

        All of a sudden a Trojan team finishing the season barely above .500, suffering three humiliating blowout losses and losing to a crap BYU team is considered one of the “greatest seasons in USC history”.




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