Thursday Read

I want to point your attention to a must-read story from Sports Illustrated on the linebackers from the 1989 USC football team. Five of the 12 on the depth chart have died.

It’s an often sad story but definitely worth reading for USC football fans.

41 thoughts on “Thursday Read

  1. If it’s Thursday, it’s nursery rhyme time…

    Gomer and Larry Scott went up the hill, each with $1.25. Gomer came down with $2.50.

    You sick m##her f##ker.

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      1. “Treat me like the PIG that I am!”
        Andrew Dice Clay

        In what was a true surprise, Dice Clay was truly sublime in the latest iteration of “A Star is Born” alongside Cooper and GaGa. I didn’t realize it was him until the credits rolled.

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      1. Our manic drive paid off! But now the question is, did a great white shark get MG during his afternoon snorkel at Kapalua Cove?

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      2. I am still reading that article. We need to have a dedicated program designed to follow up on our players. These are just a few of the stories . The list is very long. Manfred Moore , Charlie Phillps, Wille Wood, just to mention a few. We owe them.

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    1. I hope so. The SI Blog SUCCs. Hey 22, 12 days to the Election. Too bad Donald J. came apart at the seams tonight – like a drunk sailor on his first shore leave in 9mos.


    1. The article failed to mention what really helps Gomer sleep at night…

      He’s stolen over 12 million dollars from USC and he gets to wake up in Lunada bay every day.

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      1. He is one of the elites, there without merit. He should have been fired after Swann said “problems with culture, conditioning, execution, strategy”.

        How can one say that and keep the leadership?


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  2. Did Scottie post this here by mistake? Or did he see his faithful readers keeping the old homestead going, kind of like Graceland, and he will continue to post here?

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      1. Maybe he did it to get us started on a new post.
        [Which is fine — but we ALSO have a sacred obligation to get to 10,000 on the previous “goodbye” post]…..

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      2. The essay outlining the 5 Trojans’ miseries and their demise is a compelling read for all FB fans and especially Trojan fans. Just fine if it posted here and at SI.

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  3. Mr. Wolf finally gave into pudly’s pleas as pudwacker kept emailing this song to Mr. Wolf…



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