Important Announcement About USC Blog

When I started this blog 29 months ago, it was going to be more of a hobby after covering USC for more than 20 years.

I never imagined it would grow to its current size and attract such a loyal audience.

Well, now it’s time to grow even more. Today, I’m taking the InsideUSC blog to Sports Illustrated. The new address is

The new USC blog will be the same in many ways but will have much more video, more recruiting and a stronger “community” area for comments. I hope you will join me at the new site for even more USC coverage.

11,314 thoughts on “Important Announcement About USC Blog

  1. Democrats voted in multiple states.


  2. “Inquiring minds want to know, how is it possible that voter turnout in just those key cities in just those key states was so high it rivaled North Korean elections: often 90 percent or more? How is it possible that Joe Biden, who barely campaigned, garnered more votes in just those spots than even Barack Obama had done? How is it possible that, as everyone was getting tucked into bed on the night of November 3, Donald Trump had notable leads in almost all of those states and then, suddenly, all at once, in the wee hours, floods of votes poured in and—wouldn’t you know it—they were overwhelmingly, sometimes exclusively, for Biden? And what about those voting machines from Dominion: are we confident that they are secure? They have been used for fraud since 2004.


  3. In the Land of Governor Mimbo and Mayor Garcetti


  4. Senile Joe is the Lance Armstrong of politics!



    Morning Joe: We Have No Reason to Tolerate, Understand Anyone Who Supported Trump.

    —NewsBusters, Wednesday.

    ● Barack Obama Smears Trump’s Latino Voters.
    “…the fact that Trump says racist things about Mexicans, or puts detainees, undocumented workers in cages. The…


  6. Friendly reminder that Obama resigned from his Senate seat on November 16, 2008 after winning

    It’s almost December and Kamala still hasn’t

    She knows…


  7. The corrupt Obama FBI spied on Trump during 2016 presidential campaign!


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