Arizona State Releases Starting Lineup

USC has not released a depth chart for the Arizona State game. But Arizona State did today. Here is the Sun Devils’ starting lineup:


Offense QB Jayden Daniels

RB Rachaad White

WR Frank Darby

WR Ricky Pearsall

WR Johnny Wilson

TE Curtis Hodges

FB Case Hatch

LT Kellen Diesch

LG Dohnovan West

C Cade Cote

RG Henry Hattis

RT Ben Scott


DE Shannon Forman

DT DJ Davidson

DT Jemayne Lole

DE Michael Matus

LB Merlin Robertson

LB Darien Butler

LB Kyle Soelle

CB Chase Lucas

CB Jack Jones

S Aashari Crosswell

S Evan Fields

9 thoughts on “Arizona State Releases Starting Lineup

  1. Daniels can be effective at QB. He put up 400 plus yards and 3 TD when ASU upset Oregon last year. Looking forward to a significant upgrade of the Trojan D with Coach Orlando. Just having Pendergast and Baxter gone is a psychological victory, at least for now.

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    1. I do not believe that combination works, Orlando cannot do it because Helton will not let it. There is something wrong with Helton. It is on the order of self destruction. He cannot help it. Then he will make an excuse for it, he will blame covid 19. See the pattern?

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      1. Looks like there will be a clash of mottos within Charlatan Clay. Is it “Faith, Family & Football” or the new get tough image of “Selfless, Tough & Disciplined” that was being bandied about.

        As CC is neither, selfless, tough or disciplined, he’s basically fighting against himself.

        Once he brings back “No Pads November”, you know which side has won.


  2. J.T. Has some talent which cannot be developed under Helton. Helton is a user not a developer. J.T will remain erratic and have some moments with that long pass he throws, but cannot bail Helton out because of his own inconsistency.

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