Tuesday Reader Forum: A Physical Charge To ASU Game?

I’ve generally been encouraged by the idea USC practices would have more tackling, led by the addition of defensive coordinator Todd Orlando.

But I recently heard USC’s “Hell Week” was actually fairly comfortable. Then came Saturday’s dress rehearsal for a game instead of an actual scrimmage. So it sounds like Clay Helton still has some pull within the program. Unfortunately.

  • Are SEC coaches quicker at adapting to defending the Air Raid?

Mississippt State has scored 30 points in its past four games after scoring 44 in the season opener against LSU? Or does Mike Leach just not have enough talent?

33 thoughts on “Tuesday Reader Forum: A Physical Charge To ASU Game?

  1. Q: Are SEC coaches quicker at adapting to defending the Air Raid?

    A: IMHO, the only “solution” to these fast break offenses is a lethal 4 man pass rush and quick, athletic, bruising LB’s. The Air Raid is always gonna rack up cheap yardage “between the twenties.” In the Red Zone, scheme and linebacking probably make the difference. On a PERCENTAGE basis, the biggest/most athletic LB’s likely may be found in the SEC.

    Historically, USC has had GREAT success at all 3-4 LB positions.
    I’m hopeful that Chris Claiborne will be helpful in returning USC to pre-eminence in the LB world.

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    1. Chris Claiborne was such a good hire, it is almost a miracle it happened under Helton’s watch.

      Re: Mississippi State; KJ Costello is not the poster child Air Raid QB – too slow. As Bourbon points out, a quick pass rush breaks up the play, and my guess KJ has been sacked many times. Also any offense is tough to execute well without a functional rushing game, and they don’t seem to have one.

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    2. Without threat of any ground attack to keep the linebackers close to scrimmage and a pass rush that shortens the time you have to throw, the pirate is lost.

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      1. Scott’s page still won’t let me log in, I can only like and reply from the word press settings page, what a pain


      2. Hello Pudly! We love you HERE! Let S.I. stew in it’s own (unobserved & unread) juices.
        Hope you haven’t described why Clay is as “lost” as the pirate (inserting “O-Line” for “ground attack”). Like any other talented thrower (who doesn’t pose any real threat as a runner), Slovis is dependent on some help up front.

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    3. Bourbon — Guess who’s about to unleash what you call the “solution” on USC’s offense? Hint: his first name is Herm. Who are the two weakest links in the Trojan coaching staff (by far)? They would be —in descending order —Drevno and Helton. Coach Edwards is gonna be going after Slovis with blitz packages our O-Line hasn’t even been told about, let alone taught to pick up.
      USC has SO much going for it this year —talent at running back, receiver and qb —- but it always comes down to O-Line [and that’s where Tim and Clay come in]…….

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      1. ….cautiously optimistic, Michael.

        Yes, Herm is gonna bring the heat. I’ve not done my homework quite yet, but my recollection is that ASU has a smallish D-line and really had a lackluster Defense last year. Herm is a great “schemer” and a great motivator, but he’s only as good as his talent.

        Jayden Daniels will be the one causing dyspepsia for me Saturday AM. My sister (the smart, successful Trojan in the family) is throwing the watch party and promising Bloody Mary’s and Mimosas. If we don’t control Jayden, I might be calling an Uber for my ride home.

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      2. Very smart observations, Bourbon. Fortunately for Helton, USC does not face a first rate D-Line until Utah. Certainly Arizona State’s is nothing to write home about (and yet……it’s still Drevno getting our new guys prepared).
        And I’m with you — we’d better be ready to stop Daniels. He’s really their entire offense. He doesn’t have a great runner to take the heat offfa him AND he doesn’t really have much of a receiving corps.

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      3. You might think so, but Ed O learned different.

        As Arkansas showed, blitzing isn’t the answer, and after that everyone copied….

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      4. Per usual, Pudly drops the mike.
        GREAT data on blitz vs the Air Raid.

        That said, it seems like the LSU JV just couldn’t match up against the Starkville Bulldog varsity and the Blitz package just couldn’t get the job done.


  2. We will see if “physicality” returns to Trojan Football early Saturday AM, right?
    Lots of talking, hype video, tweeting, posturing, etc. The proof is on the field.
    While I am dubious (after a lost decade of USC FB), I remain hopeful that the present crew will carry the day over the mamby-pamby crew of the last 5+ yrs.

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    1. I feel better already, knowing I won’t see the Pendergast and Baxter photos adorning this site anymore. Hopefully we won’t have the same reaction to Orlando photos…

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  3. As a former USC LB and captain of the !969 Wild Bunch, I am excited for LB’s to have such a former great USC LB coaching them.. It’s about time ! Now all we need is a new Head Coach, AD and President to lead us out of this muck !!

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  4. They will be who they will be. Why have high expectations when the head coach is still the same guy? He isn’t going to change. He thinks he is a star. Until he loses his job, which is secured by the almighty dollar, we will not be competitive. Helton is not a competitive guy. He is a hamburger flipper.

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      1. Maybe it’s not Folt’s influence, 67. As Batman says to the Joker in the final panel of “The Killing Joke”, “Maybe that’s who you (in this case, Bohn) were all along.”

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      2. I still hold out hopes for Bohn, trojan1967.
        He inherited a sideways shitshow with underperforming coaches, was hamstrung by a feckless admin dept, and dealing with a corrupt and venal athletic department. I’m willing to be somewhat patient* with AD Bohn alone.

        *I’ll chime in again in early January 2021, however!!!

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      3. As you yourself mentioned in an earlier post, Bourbon, it’s embarrassing to the rest of us when someone exhibits a mature viewpoint on this site.

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  5. I see the great names are back. That is awesome. Helton is an idiot. He will lose to aSu. Put Orlando in charge. Get rid of Helton. How can you not practice with tackling and going full speed? The kids will will not be ready due to Helton’ softness. He is soft mentally and physically.

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    1. Most of the Band Of Brothers [and Sisters] IS back, pt! But there’s one more name we need back right now: “Mrs. Helton” — to weigh in on the “soft” thing….

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    2. Glad you chimed in, Pasadena.
      Thanks for opening the door.

      With the recent assistant coaching hires, there is an abundance of coaching talent that could take over in case of underperformance. Helton is “coaching for his livelihood.” We’ll see if he’s up to it now.

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      1. Ed.
        Arturo Orlando.
        International Consultant (or whatever).

        Quacky Ducksworth?


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