USC Moving Slowly On Information Front

USC is going to announce a depth chart and team captains on Friday. The day before a 9 a.m. kickoff?

This is not how a normal program runs. You can film a gaudy hype video and release it in four days but cannot produce a depth chart until Friday?

Is this Clay Helton not wanting to offend anyone?

One thing I am going to keep an eye on is how the new coaches tolerate some of this stuff. I’ve already heard Hell Week didn’t go over well with some of them.

38 thoughts on “USC Moving Slowly On Information Front

  1. In other news…



    The Trump Crime Family Syndicate will finally be brought to justice for all the corrupt criminal and treasonous acts they have committed.


    1. LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Senile Joe saved the Best for Last!

      He compared black kids to death row inmates!


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  2. Scott has his finger on the biggest problem USC’s football team faces this year: It’s Slap Happy Head Coach.
    Don’t care how much talent there is on the team and staff — Helton’s weak and fawning demeanor constitutes the ultimate buzz kill….. it reaches out and strangles whatever momentum everybody else brings to the program.

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    1. “Slap Happy” – haven’t heard that in a while, but that shoe definitely fits Clay’s foot…

      The D-line needs to get after Daniels. He lit up the Ducks in ASU’s upset last year over Oregon. Expecting a big year from Drake “love the Drake” Jackson – any news on his hamstring?

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      1. As we all know, hammies are notorious for becoming “chronic” injuries, so I think we should be very cautious with Drake Jackson for 2020.

        Recall, he is just as “rsFrosh/Soph. I feel that 2021 is our season, so be careful with Drake, Slovis, Stepps, Christon.

        Drake is likely good enough to only give us 3 seasons before moving on to the NFL. Hold him back in 2020 (likely HC CH’s last season anyway)?

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    2. Per prior posts (my version of PPP):
      With a cadre of YOUNG, SMART, ENERGETIC, SWITCH-ON assistant coaches, there will be an abundance of talent to “light a fire” under HC CH, Michael.

      It’s up to Bohn.

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      1. I have an idea, Bourbon –which shouldn’t be that difficult to execute. Instead of wasting firewood on Helton, keep him COMPLETELY out of play calling, time out calling and half time adjustments [make that ANYTHING to do with the team during halftime].

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  3. Hmmm seems lonely over at SI. Some of my best work drawing crickets. Oh well I am usually late to the party. Moved to Trojan Daily Blog, where my musings go unread often. Now I’m at SI wondering where everyone went. This thing was shut down I just took a look and without so much as a by your leave Scott is back.
    I need a better hobby.
    Remember Covid guidelines do not allow more than four people in a room during the game.

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    1. Welcome back, brother! I wouldn’t be surprised if Newsom started trying to dictate ballgame viewership rules in your own home. His Thanksgiving rules are laughable.

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    2. ‘Rialto’ is the magic word for Trojan boosters. Say goodbye to those other sites. This is your home buddy.


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    3. I’ve enjoyed your analysis at SI, RT.
      The site is just not “blogger friendly.”

      It’s just different over here.

      I like the folks over at Reign of Troy too.
      They are in unison with us that HC CH is not living up to expectations.
      Maybe we need to invite the RoT bloggers over here?

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  4. As someone who was not at the practices nor read anything about them , they were easily the most physical of any program in the country. We had guys standing in front of pitching machines when waiting for Oklahoma drill.


    1. My version of “physical” back during my two years as a tackling dummy, Madame Helton, had nothing to do with a pitching machine. It had to do with DL/LB/CB/safeties beating the turd out of us walk-ons.

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