Wednesday Reader Forum: A Shake-up In Hype Video Dept.

Remember all the hoopla when USC hired the two hype video guys from LSU?

I thought it was weird last week when that disastrous hype video’s closing credits did not even mention Jacob Brown, the highly touted director of football video production.

Well, two USC sources tell me Brown no longer works at USC.

And his name has been deleted from the USC athletic dept. directory. So Brown worked at USC for around five months after USC’s big announcement that he and Will Stout were “stolen” from LSU.

Between Brown’s departure and last week’s debacle of a video, the hype video dept. is off to a roaring start.

Here was one USC reaction to the hiring of Brown and Stout:

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Reader Forum: A Shake-up In Hype Video Dept.

  1. Statement Issued by Jacob Brown: “I think it’s incumbent upon me to explain my future plans to all my friends in Trojanland. I’m probably headed back to LSU where it looks like they REALLY need me……..”

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      1. I guess most of these RECRUITING videos are geared towards high schoolers and not stodgy old cretinous men in diapers….


      1. My bud Pudly was cleverly pointing out that Helton probably shouldn’t be allowed in one frame of a “recruiting video geared towards high schoolers”…..

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  2. Scotty will be eating crow when recruits use BLVD studios as a huge reason why they come to USC. NIL isn’t going away, better to be ahead of it.


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