Cal-Washington Game Canceled

The Pac-12 season hasn’t even started and a game is getting canceled.

The Cal-Washington game on Saturday is canceled “due to Cal not having the minimum number of scholarship players available for the game as a result of a positive football student-athlete COVID-19 case and resulting isolation of additional football student-athletes under contact tracing protocols.”

Why did I always think if a game would be canceled it would involve Cal?

The game is going to be a “no contest” and will not be played later because it cannot be. The Pac-12 did not give its schedule any open dates so there is no flexibility. That was a blunder.

And how will this affect a tiebreaker for the Pac-12 North? Another problem.

38 thoughts on “Cal-Washington Game Canceled

      1. Iโ€™ll work their suicide watch for โ€˜em….

        Nothing like watching a bunch of dirty hippies offing themselves…(666) 666-Foff

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    1. LMFAO!

      Donald J. Trump just threw a fit, had a meltdown for the ages. Wild accusations of election fraud with no proof at all to back up his delusional claims.


      Yep, Trump has completely lost what little was left of his rabid ass mind

      Bye Felicia!


      1. I sure wish he’d just capitulate ….like Bernie does every time the DNC fucks him over…


    2. So Bummed!

      Though this season is gonna suck…I was still interested in seeing how Coach Musgrave transformed Wilcox’ offense. If Cal can put 30 points on the board per game, Wilcox’ defense could win a bunch of games–and hopefully SHRED those Stanfurdians!

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      1. I don’t feel bad for Cal per se—but I do feel bad for Cal75! He had every reason to have high hopes for this season.


  1. Scratch Washington as a potential Pac 12 Championship foe….

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      1. Larry Scott is a perfectionist. He doesn’t need any room for error. That’s why he makes the big bucks. And if you believe that, I’ve got some swamp land I’d like to sell you on Pluto….I’ll give you one hell of a deal.

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  2. P76 is obviously jealous of CAL & wasn’t admitted…
    On a lighter note

    Can we discuss the state of mind of the parents when they named the future PAC-12 allstar….


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      1. I’ll tell ya…P76 needs to respect his elders. There is the chance P76 was held back so maybe I should just zip it.


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      2. My friends Owns and tebow are too busy to weigh in on this important issue…….they’re researching the possibility of having two presidents…. a braindead one to deal with the U. N., the Paris Accord and NATO …& “somebody else” to do the rest of the stuff….

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    1. Still holding out hope–TFL–for Mertin Hanks to resurrect this moribund Football conference. He’s the right man for it. Hopeful all the knuckleheads just get the F* out of his way!


  3. To Michael Guarino
    If they have swamps, they must have chocolate ice cream. As to how I went from swamps to chocolate ice cream….I don’t have a clue. I mean, do we have to make sense when we talk….is that the new rule nowadays?

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  4. Sorry. I was too busy babbling to notice….


      1. How does he do it?! It really pisses me off when he outshines everybody!

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