USC Friday Night Notes

USC received a commitment from offensive lineman Dylan Lopez of Rancho Verde High School, a Class of 2022 prospect. He has six scholarship offers.

  • I heard from a USC coach today that a surprise performer the past month has been quarterback Mo Hasan, a transfer from Vanderbilt. He won’t play, of course, unless Kedon Slovis and Matt Fink get hurt.
  • Here’s an interview I did today with Phoenix radio host Bob Kemp on the USC-ASU game.
  • See if you can stay awake through the entire 2 minutes, 22 seconds below:

4 thoughts on “USC Friday Night Notes

  1. Scottie, it is good to have you back. Where would we be without you posting Helton motivational videos? Only at “Inside USC”.

    Trojans 41, Devils 27

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    1. Michael, I hope so as well. It is one or the other. Either Clay is a real coach, positive value added, or Mrs. H locks the basement door. And doesn’t return until noon.

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  2. Wow !! I just read the the Utah vs Arizona game was cancelled. This could have a trickle down effect on USC because AZ is next on our schedule.
    Larry Scott and his “cancelled” instead of forfeit rule is going to doom the league to mediocrity. Nobody wins a cancelled game.


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