USC Sunday Buzz: Let’s Puncture A Couple Myths

Is there anything worse than hype?

Hype videos. Hype articles. Hype coaches.

USC created myths with the new coaches, aided in some cases by friendly media.

Todd Orlando was the yelling coach with the square jaw, aka the equivalent of Ed Orgeron, when he was the USC defensive line coach.

But what did he deliver on the field yesterday?

“A lot of times vs. the run their front mechanics were bad and they looked unorganized,” an NFL defensive coordinator told me Saturday night. “The players were looking to sideline half the time and they weren’t lined up properly.”

Defensive line coach Vic So’oto was lauded because he has big biceps and can lift his kids. Another play on the Orgeron stereotype.

Meanwhile his defensive line was part of a unit that allowed Arizona State to rush for 258 yards. Brandon Pili was out but did you see a more physical defensive line or defense, for that matter?

Did the defense look better than last season?

  • Remember when the USC-ASU game was changed to 9 a.m. for more exposure? Well, the AP Top 25 voters got to watch the game and were unimpressed. The Trojans are ranked No. 20, just like last week.

50 thoughts on “USC Sunday Buzz: Let’s Puncture A Couple Myths

  1. You clowns still don’t get it, as long as that idiot Clay Helton has anything to do with USC football the program isn’t going anywhere.

    No matter what team Helton puts on the field, that team would lose to the likes of Alabama or Clemson by 40+ pts.

    Helton is a fucking clown, a third rate coach at best and that’s all he’ll ever be.

    You idiots actually believing that Helton can take a program and have it compete among the elite is beyond laughable, that is how fucking stupid you are.

    Pudly dumb fuck and gotroll22 trying to tell people that the Trojan team you saw yesterday vs ASU could make it to the CFP shows you how much they know about college football. Those two dumb fucks haven’t even figured out that Clay Helton isn’t worth a shit, that’s how much they know.

    Like I said, as long as Clay Helton has anything to do with the program it ain’t going anywhere but into the ground.

    All that idiot Helton does is waste talent and USC doesn’t seem to mind, keeping him around when he’s nothing but a goddamn clown, well…seeing that team yesterday wasn’t just a waste of talent, it was a waste of time to watch.

    Yep, I posted this in another thread…deal with it.


      1. Thanks for the update, Pudly (All we have to do in Hawaii is turn on the television 2 hours earlier than that and we’re good to go)…

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  2. Does it surprise anyone that without a spring to install the new defense or summer to review it that there was a level of confusion? Not me.
    But what he brought was, when the chips were down, the defense gave up only 3 points in the fourth qtr. You know, what Magic Johnson used to call “winning time”.
    I bet ya Pete Carroll wished he could’ve pulled a win like this out vs harbaugh and the cardinal when PC was a 40 pt favorite. Or vs the ruins in that miserable game.
    Ugly wins are better than pretty losses.

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    1. All true, Pudly, all 100% true —but let’s give the devil his due: Pete took out Notre Dame and Oklahoma and Michigan and Ohio State….and he took them out big time.

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      1. Not comparing them (coaches), just saying that Pete would have loved to win an ugly game either of those two days. If I were to guess, I’d say Pete would’ve want to win every game, no?

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  3. USC defense:

    Defensive backfield is much better than in the past. Hufanga and Pola-Mao in particular delivered. Daniels threw for 3 TDs and over 400 yards against Oregon last year, so he can get it done, but yesterday, their passing game was not there.

    Defensive front, perhaps aside from Tuipulotu, really need to improve. Gave up way too much rushing yardage, including the inability to contain Daniels.

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      1. As a 195 pound running QB, there’s always the chance he won’t make it to last game….
        btw, Colorado was picked as worst team in the Pac 12….guess there’s a NEW #1!!!

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      2. Now that you mention it, we do have a new leader of the “worst of the worst”…..

        Gotta love chippy’s consistency… did anyone notice that the ruins had the highest food budget of any in the Pac12? By a substantial margin too…smdh. That’s a lot of donuts

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      3. Ha! We have these deep fried goodies on the Island called Malasadas —lots of sugar, lots of custard, lots of butter, lots of eggs….

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      4. After second thought, Chip can support both Stan’s and the Portugese competitor. He is that kind of guy. This could even turn into a new sponsorship for westwood.

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      5. That’s always been his problem, gt —even going back to highschool….


  4. But at the end, instead of playing soft, we finally blitzed Daniels and took the ball back when we needed it most.
    We were lucky that the top receiver (Darby) for the devils was out, and we could play them man on man. Freed the safeties to move up in the box..

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  5. When Daniels had to throw at the end of the game, pressure and coverage were both good. ASU was indeed hurt by not having Darby in the second half.

    And for all the talk about Herm Edwards and Marvin Lewis and their great defensive plan, they are the ones who played soft in the 4th quarter. Not to mention they gave up 560 yards of offense.

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    1. come on. ASU had no receivers after Darby left the game. Wilson alone was targeted 9 times caught 1 with 2 breakups and 6 flat out drops. That guy couldn’t catch a metal ball with magnets for hands.

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      1. Plaschke must have been on the bruin payroll in that column when he wrote “For most of the last 6 years. the bruins have wowed football fans…”

        Those “6 years” refer to two 10-2 seasons under Toledo. Otherwise the brubabes were their usual .500 or below.

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    1. Petty point (but I think it needs to be made) —A lot of those impressive yards were made in drives that self destructed —either cuz of foolish calls on 3rd down or fumbles….

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  6. I’m truly sorry to say that this team suffers from same old problems: poor coaching, poor discipline and lack of leadership. Until they have a QUALITY coach who is a proven leader we will still be a HAS BEEN team living in the past. This EXPERIMENT NEEDS TO EMD!

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    1. I feel your pain. But Folt won’t fire Helton, who continues to be the luckiest guy in show business. We all want him gone, but earliest he could be replaced IMHO would be next year, and sadly that would take 6-6 or worse record, which probably won’t happen in the Pac-12. The legacies of Pat Haden and Lynn Swann.

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  7. 2 fourth down conversions and an onside kick, all successful.

    Your NEGATIVITY is absolutely Don Lemonesque.

    USC won and you can’t do anything about it.

    Might be time to see what SI site says as your comments/criticism are predictable and unnecessary.

    We all saw that SC was outplayed fir 56 minutes. They need to clean things up and plug the gaps.

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      1. I stopped. by SI this morning all of the articles are written by swimsuit models who need work. Today’s feature was a Twitter piece. No writing per se’ just Twitter posts.


      2. On Monday’s they have a new feature with mora analyzing the previous weekend’s Trojan games….by my recollection, he did his best analysis of our games the Mondays after.

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  8. No one has been fooled. USC is upgrading for the future, which is good. However, to dump money into the machine, without replacing the main engine when it is beyond repair, is throwing good money after bad. The biggest loss is for the student-athletes, who we all feign we are most concerned for, is the biggest lie of all. If Bohn and Folt really cared for them, instead of money, they would do what they need to fix the program. Fire Helton. He is a menace.

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  9. I still think, maybe hope, Helton tones the practice down and my guess includes the other coaches hate it. Nobody knows what goes on due to Covid. Even Trumps monitors couldn’t get close. I really wonder if this year was an audition for a future head coach.


  10. A lot of their run yardage came on big plays. They didn’t mount a lot of drives. Personally, I think that we are going to have a problem with that all year long, especially against teams with mobile QB’s. The worst part of that team is their D-Line. We could really use Tufele right about now. The guys that they have look slow to me. Also, one of the problems with this type of attacking defense is that you end up giving up a lot of big plays. With that many slow people on the D-Line, I think that they will be chasing mobile QB’s all year long. All this is a by-product of not being able to recruit quality talent on the LOS both offensively and defensively. The first game never tells you much about either team. We don’t know how good ASU is yet. But from what I saw, I think that ASU is going to be a good team. So it was a good win. I think that the offense will be outstanding. Whatever problems we have on defense will be centered on the D-Line.


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