If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

I suspect USC will cure some of its ills when it plays Arizona, who hasn’t beaten the Trojans since 2012.

I’ve criticized defensive coordinator Todd Orlando through the week, but you know who flew under the radar? Cornerbacks coach Donte Williams.

There could have been some pass interference calls in the game and an NFL coach told me the corners “were misaligned a lot.”

But the coach added if USC cornerbacks are used to grabbing receivers, it could be difficult to break that habit any time soon. The good news for Williams is he might not face a first-rate pass offense all season.

  • The same coach who watched the USC-ASU game wasn’t impressed how the Trojans rotated three tailbacks. “They don’t know what back to play,” he said. “You can’t play three backs.”
  • Four-star linebacker Ethan Calvert of Oaks Christian committed to Utah over USC and UCLA on Thursday night. USC was believed to be in a strong position with Calvert, who is ranked No. 67 nationally by 247 Sports.
  • Former USC basketball players are producing some good athletes that are going to other colleges.

Kennedi Orr, the No. 1-ranked volleyball player in the nation, signed with Nebraska on Wednesday. She is the daughter of Lorenzo Orr.

Kami Miner, the daughter of Harold Miner, is one of the top volleyball players for 2021 and has committed to Stanford.

Tremayne Anchrum’s son, also named Tremayne, started for several years on the offensive line at Clemson and is a rookie with the Los Angeles Rams. USC didn’t even offer him a scholarship.

Rodney Chatman’s son, Rodney, started every game at guard for No. 3-ranked Dayton last season and averaged 7.7 points per game.

And it’s not just former basketball players. Ex-cornerback Daylon McCutcheon’s son, Dyson, has committed to Washington. Former cornerback Brian Kelly’s son, Kyu, plays corner at Stanford.

  • USC used to hold homecoming parades in the 1950’s that drew 100,000 to the Miracle Mile on Wilshire Blvd. It would get stars to appear like Kirk Douglas, Bob Hope, Danny Thomas and Jayne Mansfield. And even then it didn’t refer to itself as “Hollywood.”

But here we are more than 60 years later and the official USC football twitter says. “We play four quarters here in Hollywood.” Anything to impress a 16-year-old recruit.

  • Guard Shemera Williams has transferred to USC from Virginia. She averaged 8.9 points per game last season for the Cavaliers. Williams must sit out a year unless she gets a waiver.
  • I might actually consider listening to Art Bartner’s podcast (Artcast!) if he would discuss some of the stuff the university is investigating right now.
  • I heard a member of the Board of Trustees had this reaction after USC’s 28-27 victory over Arizona State: “They stink.”

And now for some history:

  • John McKay is a legend at USC. Except to most of the players he coached.
  • When All-American wide receiver Hal Bedsole visited campus after a statue of McKay was built, he kicked the statue. Bedsole was upset because he wanted to play quarterback but McKay made him a wide receiver.
  • Alabama coach Bear Bryant shares a laugh with USC president John Hubbard after the Crimson Tide’s 21-20 victory over the Trojans at the Coliseum in 1977. Wonder if they shared a drink too?
  • Can you believe USC drew 4,300 to the Sports Arena for a women’s volleyball match against UCLA in 1977? And even had a rally at Tommy Trojan the day of the game. Who says women’s sports are more important today?
  • The Roxy had a pretty good couple of weekends with Billy Preston and the Temptations in 1977.
  • USC sophomore Jenilee Harrison appeared on a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box in 1977. She later landed a role on the popular comedy, “Three’s Company” which starred fellow USC alum, John Ritter.

75 thoughts on “If It’s Friday, It’s Time For A USC Notes Column

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      Milwaukee Elections Chief Illegally Transferred Absentee Paper Ballots To Flash Drives With No Witnesses And Then Lost One Of The Election Flash Drives in Morning Hours of November 4th When Democrats Miraculously Found 120,000 Votes for Joe Biden !!!!!!!!!!


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      1. Flogging a dead horse eh 22. Trump is a Loser/SUCC’er, no doubt about it. So shovel your shit while you can 22, ’cause come Inauguration Day, 1/20/2021, Trump will be SUCC’ing hind titty and dodging subpoenas. Lock the MF up!


      2. You flogged Russian Collusion for 5 years and you have the nerve to show your face around here and give lectures, you lying libtard fraud?


      3. Why does it say in big red letters “This claim about election fraud is disputed” You found it on the internet so it must be legitimate!


      1. My little brother is having a meltdown. Today was particularly rough on him with the lawsuits being tossed out.
        Please go easy on him.


      2. You make a good point! From now on I am going to follow your lead and get all of my “information” from some guy with a twitter account.


  1. In Other News…I’m predicting Trojan players via the Polynesian pipeline will underperform again as usual.

    If she plays keep an eye out for #PalaieGaoteote the slowest linebacker ever to play for USC.

    She’s fragile and slow as a slug…a Bust with a capital B.


  2. There are a lot of areas that the team can improve this week. One is to have a moderator remove off topic political crap from a sports blog. It is really too bad a fun hobby such USC football has become a magnet for unemployed gum chewing trolls, whose sole entertainment in life it write witless posts that are unrelated to the subject at hand.
    Who cares about the election? Has a new president ever made a real difference? We are here to talk USC football, not some unimportant drivel about how someone’s favorite octogenarian fared in a two horse race.
    If you want to troll, troll but leave personal attacks and political gestures out of football.
    The good news is when we see the troll ID we know to keep scrolling.
    The bad news is this unmoderated blog has removed itself from the relevant and entered the realm of the absurd.

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    1. Don’t like the content, don’t read it.

      But by all means keep giving all those highly overrated recruits a pass.

      They come to SC as fragile as China dolls, never put in the work to get better, they’re always fucking hurt…bunch of pansy ass worthless fat ass slugs.

      None will amount to anything other than a waste of space and scholarships…scholarships that could be going to kids who don’t think they’re the shit. They’re only at USC because they were bigger than most in high school and yer when they get to the D1 level and are matched against players their size, they wilt like fragile little flowers.

      They are great at gorging themselves on all the free food…the only fucking thing they’re good at.


  3. Now, let’s talk about something happy. Isn’t the Sports Illustrated site a big joke? Article after article written for…. ZERO number of readers….
    #S.I. =SickInsult

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      1. …And it looks like Sports Illustrated’s answer to the boycott is: Let’s double the number of articles to make up for the dearth of readership…..

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  4. I heard a member of the Board of Trustees had this reaction after USC’s 28-27 victory over Arizona State: “They stink.”

    I have heard from many alums that the “BOT stinks”, based on the decisions they have made the last few years.

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    1. Do you like stories? You do? Oh good —here’s one. When I worked for the L. A. City Attorney’s Office we held a supervisors’ meeting to discuss the date for the office party. Every conceivable date, backup date, potential backup to the backup date was discussed. An hour went by. I left to go for a walk and get some fresh air. I returned an hour later and the discussion was still on —-everybody screaming at each other….one woman attorney crying big, round tears.
      Looks like the playoffs are being subjected to the same admirable process.

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      1. We just had a similar brouhaha over whether our local Rotary Club should sell Christmas trees as a fundraiser…I had the same reaction you did MG!

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      2. You know things are beginning to go south when the office librarian says that attendance should be taken at the office party….and someone else asks if there will be a dress code…..and then some woke woman starts crying cuz people aren’t “respecting” her views…..

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  5. The BOT can still hire the guy at Fox, if they can overthrow Carol Woketard.

    Orlando is an improvement over Clancy, which isn’t saying much

    Gomer has never known how to rotate his backs, never will

    The DB coach can recruit, he can’t coach, ask any Duck fans

    The OL is till a mess and will be a mess until a competent OL coach is hired by Bohn

    Oh yes, Billy Preston, guy had two sexual assault cases against men, at least one was a minor, not to mention an addiction to crack but he was black, gay and he played with the Beatles so…..

    Liked by 4 people

      1. He was on the rooftop for the Beatles final “concert” playing the organ and he played on Let It Be and Abbey Road, lots of Harrison’s stuff, Clapton, Stones, and many many more and no, he never toured with the Beatles, no one did aside from Jimmy Nichol who sat in for a sick Ringo

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      1. Check this….

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      2. Could have gotten it at restaurants on the bus or plane, hotel rooms or even back on campus in a meeting room. They don’t have the same restrictions in az that we do. Kid could’ve gotten it before our game and just not been positive yet and became a spreader later.

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      3. They had to have had it last Saturday (during the game they played so well). Maybe it’s time to re-think whether or not positive covid tests incapacitate players…

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  6. Jenilee Harrison was a Trojan? How ironic that when they were writing her out of the show her character left because she was studying at UCLA. I’m a child of the 70’s what can I say?

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      1. Now, it’s all on Arizona to assure a safe setting for the game. Our side’s done all it can. Gotta give the devil his due — Helton and staff have been on top of this from the beginning.

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      1. Hey 22 and Dear Pisley, Biden flips Georgia -LOL.

        My fight card now has Biden ahead 306 – 232, or as I call it – Trump is beat to shit; and, therefore he’s a 1st class, punk loser/succ’er.

        The BS is over – Doo Dah, Doo Dah!

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      2. The term “revenue sport” doesn’t fit with the ruins. westwood needs to provide some accountability for spending taxpayer money on such an absolutely awful product.

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      3. My dear friend Owns (and any Chinese Communist agents wasting their time monitoring this jovial/nonpolitical site)…
        I’m looking forward to an open borders policy combined with medical and educational and housing assistance for illegals —(tho even Bernie said that combo can’t work)…..

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      1. MG, you poor thing, you’ll never hear Biden say he believes Putain over his own administration leaders. He will not play scratch and sniff with Kim Jong Un or Towel Head terrorist.

        MG, how much total wall $$$$ did Trump ever collect from Mexico?

        One last thing MG, Biden hates golf.

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      2. Poor OWNS the Socialist, for the 66th year in a row the ruins were eliminated from the football national title. How does it feel wasting your life rooting for such losers?

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      3. My dear friend Owns — I just heard Biden might tax the shit outta everybody to save California’s Pension Plan—- I can feel some of the purity of my opposition draining outta me…
        —-Room With A View

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