The Pac-12 Season Is Reeling

What a day for the Pac-12.

Utah-UCLA is canceled. Cal-Arizona State is canceled.

And the conference apologized to Stanford (and apparently QB Davis Mills) because a player had a false positive.

Remember all those breathless media reports about the testing procedure of Quidel Corp.? Maybe their CEO should apologize to Stanford.

My take: If Utah actually plays USC next week, it will be the Utes’ first game. Clay Helton remains the luckiest man alive.

Take II: If Arizona State players and Coach Herm Edwards tested positive, did they get it in L.A.?

Take III: UCLA-Cal on Sunday at the Rose Bowl might be a possibility.

26 thoughts on “The Pac-12 Season Is Reeling

  1. So what’s more valuable? Game reps or game film, it’s hard to say….I’ll take the reps.

    If scotty had any brains he’d get clay to buy him a lottery ticket. But then scotty would bitch because he’d have to drive downtown to collect his winnings….

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  2. So tomorrow just before the game USC has a number of positive tests because they were bashing into ASU. What do we do then? Protocol? We don’t got no stinkin’ protocol!
    I hope we have a back up plan in place

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    1. Hey, that’s a bargain at twice the price!

      This was so predictable. Chip hates to recruit, and he really doesn’t want to lead because he doesn’t have that personality – He would rather sit in his den and draw X’s and O’s.

      The Nike slush fund covered up a lot of warts at Oregon under Chip. The kids he is now recruiting have never heard of him – they were 9 years old when he was at Oregon. Dan Guerrero’s parting gift to westwood is another expensive flop in a long line of many.

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    1. Re last line of Canzano tweet:
      Looks like The Oregon State players are being allowed to take “escorts” with them to Seattle….

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  3. This isn’t just a Pac-12 thing.

    The SEC cancelled four games that were scheduled for this weekend.

    People thought the virus could be controlled because they wanted football so very much to happen in 2020.

    But if masks are considered essential to control the spread of the virus, how did anyone think that letting football players bang on each other without masks was going to turn out?



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    1. There has been to date ZERO spread of the virus thru on field competition. The secret to our success, I believe is in the bubble created on campus and the sacrifice of the players to stay clean.

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      1. I guess the fact people bring the virus in from outside, but that applies everywhere. And truth be told, sports is way behind in rates of infection than the general public. Schools all around the colleges that have canceled are playing in their high school championship games….


  4. This whole 2020 season is such a clusterfxxk that it really doesn’t matter who wins or loses. How are you going to claim a national championship with half the games schedules either cancelled or postponed? The games going forward should just be scrimmages and call it a day. It is the middle of November and Utah hasn’t played a game…USC winning the Pac12 South? We wont get that far folks. What a shame 2020 is.

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    1. Whatever else happens, it was a hell of a lot of fun to watch the last 4 minutes of the USC/ArizonaState game…..

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  5. Helton gets a bye for the entire short season. That means another year of situational mastery next year, but Bohn’s man Fickell could be off the board. He’s having a monster season. He’s from the Urban Meyer coaching tree, so I am liking what I am seeing, and I know the culture and philosophy is there. If we can’t get Coach Meyer, I sure would love to see a Coach Fickell. Maybe just maybe, Bohn would be inclined to re-negotiate a buyout? Every time I hear how lucky Helton is, my heart sinks and gets very sad.

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