USC-Arizona Live Blog

USC comes back and scores with 25 seconds left.

USC defense made it far too easy for Arizona, which scores a TD with 1:35 left.

Not a great day for Sean Snyder with bad punt, field goal, kickoff.

Kedon Slovis keeps throwing floaters but also throws a TD pass. And USC leads 27-23. Will Clay Helton luck out again? Probably.

Arizona kicks a 51-yard FG and actually leads 23-20.

Ben Griffiths were a 24-yard punt

Jude Wolfe has two penalties and Chris Steele three today.

Once again, USC cannot convert a fourth-and-1. In fact, USC lost 2 yards.

USC gets a delay of game on third-and-goal from the 6. And a missed 28-yard FG!

At least Donte Williams can recruit. Arizona strikes back with a 75-yard TD and it’s 20-20.

USC extends lead to 20-13. Slovis throws a nice long pass and then two poor passes.

It’s 17-13 USC at the half. Against perhaps the worst team in the Pac-12 South playing its first game.

Stephen Carr with 3-yard TD run and it’s 17-10 USC. Kedon Slovis with another bloop pass.

Arizona gets a FG and it’s 10-10. USC lucky to be tied.

USC’s defense cannot tackle. It looks slow. And it is letting make plays out of nothing.

Kedon Slovis has a problem. His passes look worse than last year. I already wrote some believe it’s the shoulder injury from last season.

USC lucky as Arizona misses 42-yard FG. Defensive penalties helped Arizona. The defense is not polished . . . at all.

Drake Jackson and Talanoa Hufanga are out but should it matter vs. Arizona?

Chris Steele with holding penalty. He has been grabbing receivers in first two games.

USC gets a lucky field goal after two Arizona penalties prolong drives. USC’s horrendous decision to snap out of the shotgun on third-and-1 cost Trojans.

Kedon Slovis still having trouble throwing spirals.

Wow, the defense lets Arizona right back into the game. Max Williams lets the receiver run right past him on sideline for a TD. USC 7, Arizona 7.

Talanoa Hufanga down on the field being checked by doctors.

Grant Gunnell can’t complete a pass and it’s intercepted by Talanoa Hufanga. Markese Stepp takes it in from the 1-yard line. Is Arizona going to be as bad as expected? Probably.

OK, we’re up and running for the “big” game in Tucson.

103 thoughts on “USC-Arizona Live Blog

    1. The Zona QB just punished the shit out of USC’s Polynesian pipeline LB’s and DB’s.



    1. Yes, we’re getting held on almost every play —but even still USC’s defense is a complete joke.

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      1. At the bottom of a barrel, were else. What happens MG, when the Bozo’s finally meet a better team.

        I do not understand Az DC’s decision to lay back and let Slovis pick apart the Az secondary. If Slovis is going to luck out he needs to hit the ground hard after every throw and hurt.


      2. Sadly for owns, the Trojans pull out another W.

        How is the chipper working out? I think you were predicting a natty in year 3?


    1. 67 –Hate to say this –but I’ve never seen a disciplined performance from a Helton team —I’ve seen great individual performances from QB’s (which have nothing to do with Helton) but I’ve never seen focus from any team he’s ever coached…..

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      1. Michael, I see some of the same defensive over-pursuit that plagued Pendergast’s teams. (Damn, I thought I would never bring up his name again…)

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      2. Exactly — and add poor tackling.
        We are SO lucky we didn’t have to face Alabama —I honestly think it would have been really ugly….and drained the team of confidence…

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      1. Zona’s first game and they’re shredding SC’s defense.

        So much for dumb shit pudly’s theory that SC played bad because they jad limited practices.


  1. Saying I’m not impressed by this spate of new coaches is an understatement. Bohn clearly picky guys who would mesh with Helton.
    These assistants need to step up and coach or polish their resume.

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      1. I’m no mind reader, but I really am getting a VERY bad feeling every time they show a close up of any USC player’s expression. Everybody looks disgusted —particularly Slovis.

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  2. Clay Helton would f’up a 3rd grade bake sale. And not just a little bit. He would f’up a third grade bake sale about as badly as a third grade bake sale could be f’d up.

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  3. This is a deep mentality issue. The passing game doesn’t need a line. They just proved my point. They had extra blockers and a running back with steam and get blasted off the line to lose a yard. Unbelievable!! Just follow the blocker and you are in but no let’s run up the middle with no blockers

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  4. At this point (can’t believe I am saying this) but I hope they lose out. Maybe Bohn will grow some balls and do the right thing. This is as embarrassed as I have ever been in 55 years watching USC football. Good Lord…

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  5. John McKay was asked what he thought of his teams (Tampa Bay) execution after another loss and he replied “i am all for it”. Coaching, lack of discipline and poor execution are a trademark of Clay Helton coached teams. No doubt when he is asked about running up the middle from shotgun formation on 4th and 1 again he will say that they will have to look at the film. Like they did last week when it did not work. Watching the Trojans now is like having teeth pulled.

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    1. It’s REALLY too bad this game is on when it is —- no high school player in their right mind would want to play for this coaching staff….

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    1. Slovis is doing something different on his throwing motion —- not following through with right hand to left pocket like last year—did Harrell or Helton make this “correction”? Or is he hurt?

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  6. You are right Michael, with the covid problems Utah is facing Clay may luck out once again. No Alabama, no Notre Dame and possibly avoid playing at Utah in a night game in mid November. Lucky for Helton but torture for Trojan fans as we may be stuck with this for one more year. I have been a loyal fan since 1967 and cannot recall ever feeling disappointed after pulling out 2 wins at the last minute like this year. Yeah we won but the elephant is still in the room.

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  7. Flag football….where is the push on the offensive and defensive line other than Marlon. Folks, the problem with USC is not the Covid-19………its Clay Helson, and this trashy Air Raid Offense which needs to go. When is the last time a team with an Air Raid offense made the College Football playoffs. A good team must have a solid running game or your a .500 team at best. Why is USC using the Air Raid it’s for programs that have inferior talent.

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