Discuss The USC-Arizona Game*

Is USC worse than last season?

I’m pretty unimpressed with Todd Orlando and Donte Williams. I was already unimpressed with Graham Harrell.

This was to be expected. USC played awful but was good enough to beat Arizona, a terrible Pac-12 program.

What would happen if USC played in a real conference? It’s scary to ponder that.

The bad red zone play. The endless penalties. The bad defensive alignments.

I really don’t know how the average fan puts up with this every week?

Mike Bohn should be ashamed of himself.

UPDATED: Here is Kedon Slovis on his arm: ““My throwing arm is fine. My arm feels fine. I think at times my mechanics get sloppy. I don’t know what it is, but my arm feels great. I just need to get it fixed mechanically.”

Clay Helton: “I think this can be a 45-50 point offense when we’re running on all cylinders.”

88 thoughts on “Discuss The USC-Arizona Game*

  1. Wolf, you have floor.

    I am done, finished with being the SC apologist for the past 40 years.

    I officially resign.

    It is time to be honest and real about the state of this program.

    Air Raid has no place in our program and either does Tony Orlando and Dawn.

    Maybe Snyder or Donte should be the new interim coach.

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  2. Clay Helton is so Clutch. Best 4th Quarter Coach in America, College or Pro in any sport. Maybe even of All Time……..I’m back, just took my Meds.
    It could be worse. We could have James Franklin and be 0-4.

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      1. Who? Didn’t both get worked, PSU lost OT a winless husker team and mich was down by 35 at the half.
        If you’re talking about wazzu, eh, we’ll see them soon enough. And the buffs are 2-0, although one is the ruins, they did beat furd at home.

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      2. Most think when Day (osu) goes to the nfl, he’s the one to follow. But then most thought herman – harbaugh – franklin – fraiser we’re going to be great successes…
        I keep remembering that no one was lined up to coach here even when Pete took the job, and it’s pretty much been the same since. LA just isn’t for everyone.

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    1. Whatever happens today, Washington State’s new coach really got the most from Hawaii while he was here (in other words, he’s the antithesis of Helton)…..

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  3. Horseshoe Helton does it again, guy should be 0-2.

    What’s wrong with Slovis, almost every ball that went over 10 yards was a duck.

    SC could have run Stepp left all day, instead we get Opie calling short outs.

    Team has talent but it’s a bad team, good enough for the COVID 12 but not a real conference

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  4. Helton needs to go 3 years ago! How long are we going to put up with this nonsense! Like letting the time clock run out for delay of game on the 5 again for about the 25th time! Can’t we just cut our losses and get on with it! Recruiting will continue to get worse and worse. Nothing is going to change! We have seen this for 5 years now! We might be 2-0, but as far as I’m concerned, we are 0-2. Pathetic coaching that starts at the top!

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      1. Cincy was smart to tie him up for the long term. And you are right, it would have to be a 2fer in terms of buyouts, because no one else would buy out Clay to move to another program.

        What was Swann thinking…

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      2. As Scott often pointed out, Swann never even wore Trojan garb — he was always a golf shirt and jeans guy….

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      3. Overall administrative abilities, it’s a tie…..but if you include Helton’s decision to ass kiss the NCAA Appeals Board , he beats Swann out ‘by a nose’….

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      4. Do you remember the photo of Swann at Pebble Beach, dressed in jeans? Some guys just don’t have a clue. As in when Swann extended Clay.

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      5. So, Buddhakarma:
        If Fickle is a no, and Jeff Brohm is even MORE EXPENSIVE to buy out, who replaces HC CH?

        The guy on the dais at Fox is looking a little tired, more relaxed, well-fed (I don’t mean Matt Leinart). I’m just wondering if UM’s ship has sailed.

        I like the young DC at U Wisky (Leonhard), though he has pretty much been guaranteed the HC job when Chryst retires. I am suspicious of taking the next “hotshot” out of the group of 5. Didn’t work for Nebraska and will fail at Minnesota.


  5. From year to year with a Clay Helton team nothing changes…boring game to watch most of the game, really good players not receiving proper coaching, undisciplined play with a multitude of mistakes many times at the worse times and inconsistent play. How much longer for Helton???

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      1. They might want to take a look at Luke Fickle. Cincinnati is one of the best running teams in the country, with not a lot of talent. They are very physical. SC is not a physical team and I think that this is their main problem. Any physical team like Iowa, Ohio State or Oregon will dominate SC. They should have some kind of an inside track with Fickle since Bohn hired him at Cincinnati. I have a feeling that he will be with another team next year.

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  6. Unless there is massive improvement in the coming weeks, I would be surprised if they didn’t lose at least one game in the regular season. They really are lucky that they are not 0-2. They are supposed to be the 10th most talented team in the country and THE most talented in the pac-12 but their talent certainly is not on or near the LOS. On the LOS they are being dominated.

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  7. Not a doctor but there are rumors that our QB has rotator cuff injury or slightly torn labrum. Not sure what else explain wobbly throws over 10 yards.

    Fink might be playing soon. Let’s see the MRI results.

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    1. It’s conjecture, but you might be correct.
      The injury in San Diego is consistent with a rotator cuff and/or torn labrum.
      Especially with a young teenager who was slight to begin with..

      The cuff would likely have been repaired, but they might have advised to give the labrum some time to heal on its own.

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      1. As someone who had both a rotator cuff and a significantly torn labrum at his age. It’s a 5 hour surgery and 9 months of rehab. They’d have done the surgery if that’s what may be ailing him. It’s totally his hand. It looks to me like he doesn’t have any strength in his thumb and can’t hold onto the ball as long as he’d like through his throws. If it was a shoulder it wouldn’t mess up his ball flight, it’d just kill his distance. Good thing USC runs the ball and really protects the QB.

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      2. I know this sounds a little far out —but Slovis looks a little smaller this year (he’s a little shorter and has smaller hands). I saw a movie about this one time. It all starts when this guy sails his boat into a radioactive fog. He just keeps getting smaller and smaller and cats and spiders attack him and he ends up living in a doll house. This could be what’s happening to Slovis….

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      3. smakyd:
        I noted that my post was pure conjecture. From my 50 yard line/field level seat at the Holiday Bowel (yes bowel) I saw the mechanism of injury for young Kedon and shuddered. It absolutely was the type of mechanism which could tear the cuff and/or produce a posterior labral tear.

        I also had a rotator cuff repair–it IS a minimally invasive surgery presently but the reattached tendon(s)–due to their avascular nature–need about 6 months of no-stress on the suture line(s), so the recovery is quite slow even for a teenager. A labral tear would heal marginally for a teenager with or without surgery, albeit with a very long period of no stress (ie, not throwing) under either circumstance.


    2. I confess, I don’t know what the problem is with Slovis but I think that their real problem is that they are getting pushed around on or near the LOS. They are just not a physical team. Any physical team will dominate them.

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      1. Last week ASU had 2 guys on their D-Line that were in the backfield on every play. This week they couldn’t block #60. They finally started to double team him. SC had their guard and tackle double teaming him on every play. That leaves you vulnerable to blitzes coming from the right on the outside. Their corners were hitting the running backs in the backfield. SC is just not physical on or near the LOS. That is their problem. Any physical team will beat them.

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  8. I’ll repeat my idea from the game:
    We should take up a collection, have Helton but a lottery ticket for us and buy him out with the winnings. He is going to be out of luck someday, it will be worse than the last bowl game.
    Listening to the commentators brings up an interesting point. Helton and his sycophant crew was almost beaten by a group of new coaches who met with the team on zoom. They had a new quarterback, three of the best defenders left and generally fewer stars than USC and were stopped forty yards away from beating a poorer coached team.
    The Trojans are playing like they’re auditioning for a Disney sports film. One of those formula movies they make where the terrible team comes together in spite of their clueless coaches. Unfortunately Disney movies like that end badly (with clueless keeping his job).
    Bohn has to see Helton for what he is, this cannot go on.

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  9. You gotta love “the sky is falling” bozo FB fans. Whine, whine, whine.

    Even the ludicrous schtick Clown U is the “most talented Pac-12 FB team” is no longer bandied about on the blog – for good reason.

    SUCC is incredibly lucky to be 2 -0 even though they have the softest Pac-12 schedule and so far are the recipients of every crucial game lucky bounce.

    Come on guys, please win the Conf. Championship, because there are no cupcake playoff games – Perhaps SUCC might meet Ohio St. or Clemson or Florida; teams that will exploit every SUCC FB weakness. Can’t wait for the usual bozo FB meets a real FB team humiliation.


      1. From 24/7 on Chip’s hot seat:

        “At UCLA, Kelly has a shell of the roster he had at Oregon. The atmosphere: not even comparable, the brand not even comparable, it feels so dead in the water. It’s like if you took a sailboat and you put it out in the middle of the ocean but then you took the sail away.”

        Owns, I’m sorry to be the one who tells you this but having your program described as “a sailboat in the middle of the ocean without a sail” is just not good.

        But wait, it gets worse for the chipper and westwood:

        ““It is a lifeless program, it is such a weird feel because if this were at Tennessee for example, if this were at Florida, Michigan, Ohio State, this guy would be out of here. He’d be gone. But he’s at UCLA and the reason it’s weird, I don’t know how angry people are. I don’t know how much people care about it. I wonder if too much apathy has snuck in at UCLA.”

        Owns, it is a double whammy to be called out as a “sailboat without a sail”, and a “lifeless program.” And you know what? Nobody at westwood cares. And that is why Wasserman is pissed off and told them not to ask again.

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      2. But not oooooo forever like bozo BB.

        Of course, Andyain’twinning (still 20 Conf. games under .500 all-time) is getting better: his shitty team is picked to finish 9th in conf.

        Come on Jan. 20, 2021. The O/U # of hours that Adolph J. is served his first subpoena: 1 hour. Lock the MF’er up!!!!

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    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, JO.
      However, given how USC FB 2020 is starting out, the Buffs, Utes, Wazzu, and yes–even the powder blue Bruins–will present trouble for this Trojan team. Horseshoes Helton’s luck has to run out eventually, no?

      Then….if the Ducks win the North?

      Irrespective, somewhere along the line you WILL get to crow at all the loyal, successful Trojan FB fans here on the site. We are an easy target, no?

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  10. Absolute disgrace. Wolf is on his fourth website in the last year while Helton still has a job?

    Slovis sucks. We let blue chip JT walk to Georgia now we are stuck with a fraud

    Gomer is bordering on mental retardation and needs to be tarmacked immediately

    Folt must be sucking Bohns dick they are too blind to see it

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    1. You can’t say “retard” or “fraud” or “suck dick”….


    1. Slovis was throwing freakishly hard last year as a frosh — watch film and his follow through was a thing of beauty — that’s all shoulder —he might be burned out (not scientific —but I’m saying it might not exactly be rotator cuff, he might have just lost some of his juice —they say it never happens but fighters DO sometimes “lose their punch” —I’ve seen it happen & the reason often doesn’t show up in medical tests).

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      1. MG-
        You may be on to something here. I have also seen a fighter inexplicably “lose their punch”(Roy Jones vs Tarver) there are countless other ones but that one comes to mind immediately.


    2. I think wily ole’ Clayton Kershaw could probably offer some advice to young Kedon Slovis.

      Add “dead arm” to all the other complaints with the “air raid” Offense.

      I’m just praying (for Mr. Slovis’ future) that the shoulder girdle and joint are strong and sound.


    1. Memo: To OWNS the Socialist: It’s year 66 of ruin football not mattering. 66 years of utter futility and heart breaking losses and almosts and never weres. 66!


  11. that pos HELLton last week he says slovis’ ball action problem was because ground/ball maybe wet, this week its because too dry/wind. Next week perhaps he could blame it on the time of day/sun

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    1. Fuck-A-Doodle —- Somebody on Helton’s staff needs to pass the “sun” excuse on to Helton —he’s going to need it…

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