Sunday Night With Clay Helton

Clay Helton had this whopper of an answer for snapping out of a shotgun on 4th-and-1:

“Right now, it’s just not us. It’s sad that the fourth-and-1 we had a missed assignment . I don’t think it was from a lack of scheme, but we did have a missed assignment.”

Reaction: It’s not just one play. USC has a lot of problems converting short-yardage downs and insists on doing it out of the shotguin.

  • Helton said he doesn’t mind Chris Steele’s numerous penalties.

“I don’t want to take that aggressiveness away from him,” he said.

Reaction: How about coaching him fundmentals?

Injury report: Caleb Tremblay missed Saturday’s game with stingers, Clay Helton said. Palaie Gaoteote left the game with a lower leg contusion and entered the concussion protocol too

Helton said Eli’jah Winston is likely going to miss the season with an ankle injury. Walk-on QB Mo Hasan had surgery on his leg and will be out 3-4 weeks.

24 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

  1. “Right now, it’s just not us. It’s sad that the fourth-and-1 we had a missed assignment . I don’t think it was from a lack of scheme, but we did have a missed assignment.”

    How often does 4th and 1 turn into a 3 yard loss? How often does a team have a delay of game penalty after taking a time-out? How often does…

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      1. I will admit that I supported Drevno–based on prior recruiting results and his prior history with multiple teams. If Harbaugh jettison’d Drevno, it’s a bad sign.

        Across most lines of play–not Special teams–things are improving over the shambolic 2018 season. The O-line is marginally improved over the Calloway version, but after two games Drevno must be placed on the hot seat.

        The RB’s, WR’s, TE’s, QB are all playing like Trojans.
        Chris Steele has a long runway (a good thing) and will be a valuable CB.
        Donte has not had much time to coach up the CB’s–same for Naivar.
        The D-line/Drake Jackson are getting better.

        Hoping for a positive 2020 Pac 12 Exhibition season and a better 2021.

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      2. For me, Drevno is doing better. Slovis was untouched this weekend and there were some nice holes for all the RBs. Scheming or execution on short yardage is an issue that I’m not sure falls on Drevno. Consider that not one player is playing the position he played last year, and has had to do it without benefit of having spring or summer (PRPs) and only what, 6 wks of fall camp. His seat has to be warm, but let’s see how they handle those 32yr old defensive linemen from utah.

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      3. As bad as Slovis has looked, he’s still over 70% completions. Not sure on third downs. Until the final two minutes. Then he’s lights out.

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  2. Shotgun is fine as long as you do something like the read option that keep edge rushers from pinning wars back and going straight to the back. We NEVER have the QB keep it. It’s super predictable. Bring someone off the edge on either side and it’s over. QB Keeps it and we can walk it 5 yards.

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    1. Your husband, Clay-ey, is on record as saying “we’d only screw up a quarterback keeper at the goal……cuz WE DON’T practice it.”
      He also is on record as saying “we can’t have the QB under center at the goal ….cuz WE DON’T practice it.”

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  3. The shotgun would work if it’s loaded properly, but Slovis was shooting blanks and the line broke like clay pigeons. But more to the point would it not at least be a good idea to learn to take a snap under center in college? My question is, does Helton know what under center means? I have a feeling he imagines it as something akin to checking the oil on the center. I am surprised they didn’t use the Covid excuse, ” you can’t put your hands there during this pandemic. ”
    And let me get this straight, we had a player hit himself in the head with his leg in the locker room?

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  4. From Antwaun Woods, #99 for the Cowboys, after Saturday’s game:

    “Drake Jackson is that next great USC DL that’s going to be playing in Sunday’s for a long time. I see you young 99”

    Trojan coaches – don’t squander all this talent.

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      1. I hope so. [I recall the US fencing team tweeting out a similar message before getting eliminated by the Russians]…

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