USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week


Marlon Tuipulotu 

At least someone is performing above expectations.

Joel Klatt

You can tell it pains the Fox announcers to criticize USC but things got so bad Saturday that even Klatt (and Gus Johnson) had to gently point out what a farce the coaching has become. That’s courageous since he might have to hear from the South Bay mafia in the athletic dept.

Raymond Scott

The former safety was thrust into the game Saturday and got to make some plays.

Kedon Slovis

He can’t throw a spiral but he can win a game in the fourth quarter.

Clay Helton

The same mistakes get made week-after-week and guess what? It doesn’t matter because USC plays in the Pac-12 South. And Larry Scott took Oregon and Washington off the schedule! It’s great to be a Trojan!


Graham Harrell

He can’t avoid a delay of game penalty on third-and-goal from the 6-yard line? And he can’t snap the ball under center on fourth-and-1? This guy is so in love with his Air Raid nonsense that he would rather do things his way than the right way.

Todd Orlando

He runs a defense that looks like Clancy Pendergast 2.0 and personally coaches the linebackers, who struggled the first two games.

USC fans

For another season the fans are being forced-fed an inferior product and expected to like it. A few media types are trying to say fans should be happy with a 2-0 record but only the fools ignore the constant underachievement.

Sean Snyder

That glow the former Kansas State coach had started to dim when Parker Lewis missed a 28-yard FG and Ben Griffiths had a 24-yard punt.

Chris Steele

Five penalties in two games? If Donte Williams wants to be more than a recruiter he needs to get Steele to hold and grab less.

Palaie Gaoteote

Clay Helton said this would be his breakthrough season but he left the Arizona game with a lower leg injury and is now in concussion protocol.

Mike Bohn

If someone sees him, ask if the $1.2 million he pays Harrell per year; the $900,000 he pays Williams and probably the $1 million he pays Orlando is paying off?

63 thoughts on “USC Morning Buzz: Winners And Losers Of The Week

  1. This team is so awful and predictable that I actually fell asleep watching the game on my couch sometime in the 3rd quarter only to wake up with 1:40 left in the game to watch Arizona waltz into the end zone to take their final lead. This has never happened to me before. Watching Gomer’s nervous Nelly demeanor on the sidelines, I don’t understand how anyone (players, coaches, recruits, administrators, BOTs) believes he should coach this team or knows what he is doing.

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      1. Wow. I thought I was the only one. [It’s not exactly that we’re all getting sleepy at the same time —it’s more like the kind of thing that happens during an Adam Sandler movie]…..

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  2. Another wait till next year season is shaping up to be a predictable farce (love that word).
    Even the helmets were coming off Saturday I counted four helmets bounding off of Trojans. This means our duck ball platitudes coach hasn’t heard the story of an infamous Westwood coach who taught his players to lace up their shoes.
    What could be more important than strapping on your helmets? But I guess the players don’t know how because the camera followed one player to the sideline where an equipment person strapped it on for him.

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  3. I am going to take the unpopular position and defend Orlando. When was the last you you saw a USC defense adjust at the half. I think Pete Carroll did it back in 2008. Monte, Wilcox, Clancy, the script was the same: the game plan keeps it close for one half then the other team adjusts and pulls away. The Arizona QB was gashing the defense in the first half. In the second half Orlando put in Scott as a spy and the threat of the QB running was gone.

    It’s had for USC fans to admit this, but there are some really talent decencies on the defense. Clancy recruited big DBs to press and grab, when he bothered to recruit at all. Clancy and Biggie Marshall should be proud of Chris Steele with his 5 PIs in two games! And as a result you have a slow defensive backfield, and it showed in the long pass pay where is looked like Max Williams and IST were running in slow motion. There are a lot of slow three stars in the DB and it shows.

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    1. They aren’t slow, and they aren’t three stars. Max Williams and Chris Steele and ITS are all four and five stars. ITS is fast. Maybe even fast fast. I am chalking all this up to Helton. It is HIS TEAM. They play like HE coaches. It proves you can’t just hire assistants and expect a difference. Why are they slow? They are probably told not to “hit too hard, or too go too fast. You might fall off your bike. The experiment failed.

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    2. Good point Independent George. It was nice to see the adjustment—-although spying Arizona’s [5.9 in the 40] QB was not exactly like shutting down Russell Wilson……

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      1. IMHO, Gunnell is gonna be a bigger problem than Khalil Tate.
        Sumlin just didn’t have the huevos to commit to Gunnell last year (though he had plenty of reps).

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    3. I’m giving Orlando and all the D assistants to the end of 2021.
      I’m giving Harrell and all the O assistants (but one) to the end of 2021.

      Drevno is up for a “callowayin’ ” at EOY.

      Helton? It’s above my pay grade and all my favorite replacements seem untouchable. Brohm signed a huge contract recently. Fickell signed a huge contract recently. Franklin is fading, though I think he actually is a far greater coach than Helton.

      I’m thoroughly impressed by the fact that Scott Frost is cratering at his home school. The guy was a genius at Oregon and Central Florida.

      Besides an old grey haired guy (my age) on Fox Sports, who do you buy to bail out USC?

      Again, I liked Leonhard at U Wisky and liked Aranda at LSU….
      Just don’t think USC has the cache (or the cash) to lure them.

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      1. Urban still has the fire, he still understands football …and he still has winner’s blood running through his veins…..

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  4. I think even the assistant coaches are bathed in the “Helton Effect.” He is the head coach and the negative vibe and lack of accountability, discipline, passion, competitiveness, energy, relentless effort from point A to point B, and 4 to 6, culture, philosophy, tackling, etcetera, etcetera etcetera, is pervasive. It’s the Helton Culture. They don’t have a chance. Even Harrell’s offense, which was supposed to be even better after the first year, is flagging. Doesn’t this tell you enough about Helton? Get rid of him, and they might be able to finish the season strong. I wear an SC pendant around my neck all the time I am so passionate, but after that game, I took it off in silent protest until Helton is gone. I also purchased a cut out to be in the stadium because all the money went to the student athletes. They can take my money for the kids, but please remove my cutout. I was hopeful, but no more. Thank You.

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    1. Joan identifies the biggest problem with Clay, which is the “Bad Apple” syndrome. Every coach who comes in contact with Clay depreciates. The program would be much better if Clay just mailed it in. His valued added is negative.

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      1. BK’s onto something. Sam’s second year was not as good as his first. Now, in his second year. Kedon has seemingly lost the ability to throw a tight spiral…

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    1. After reading the edict from Queen Witmer the last, I realized it doesn’t pertain to USC football. No, not for the obvious reason of not being in the God Forsaken country of Michigan, but because it calls for “organized sports activities” to be closed. USC football is anything but organized. (We are safe…sorta)

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    2. Gee 22, speaking of POS’s like yourself, Adolph J. has dropped his fraudulent election lawsuits in GA, MI, PA and WI.

      The Gov. of MI is manning up and doing her job. She isn’t out on the Golf Course claiming she deserves another 4 years in office after decisively losing a landslide election. Apparently, Putain is also sick of Adolph J’s spastic, Banana Republic, dicktorial BS.

      I know 22, you’ll forever be a shit ball, dingle berry on Adolph J.’s rosebud.


      1. The female Governor is “manning up” ?????????????????


        You can’t make up comedy like this!

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  5. ” If someone sees Mike Bohn, ask if the $1.2 million he pays Harrell per year; the $900,000 he pays Williams and probably the $1 million he pays Orlando is paying off? ”

    Scott, you have to overpay to get people to work for Gomer

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    1. BREAKING NEWS: Mike Bohn’s English-challenged intern just released the following statement, “In spite of what mainstream media is saying, USC fans have never been happier. Many are expressly conveying their wish Helton & staff receive impressive bonuses if they can continue winning games during the last minute of play.”

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      1. You know who’d actually ENJOY the job of walking 10 feet behind her with a broom and dustpan?

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  6. Is it true the Trojans had more yards in penalties than pass receptions? Could be.

    By the way, while witmer’s proclamation effectively shuts down the spartans, harbaugh’s influence in getting witmer to include the word organized will allow michigan football to continue.

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      1. There’s no reason 22 SUCC BB/Andyain’twinning should be mindful of your tidbit scoop of NCAA information.

        As usual, the SUCC men’s BB team will watch the NCAA Tournament on CBS TV.

        Never forget 22, the greatest ex-bozo BB player is a woman.


      2. Sorry, did we play last year? Can’t remember the outcome, what were the scores again?
        Oh never mind I’m still laughing at the ruin who tripped on the 3pt line and let that ball sail over his head….
        choka-choka-choka 💋

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      3. Who knew Libtards were misogynist sexist pigs? Oh wait, BJ Clinton, Senile Joe and Humble Harve Weinstein ARE misogynist sexist pigs!

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    1. I’ll probably be too late, gt. Out for a walk …and got bit by one of Maui’s 10 inch fucking centipedes —which pack a wallop. My Trojan pals will be happy to know that I took off one of my crocs and beat the living shot outta the thing before hobbling home.

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      1. Michael, hope you feel better soon. I think that Clay would have probably called a time out before addressing the centipede situation, and then would have missed it on the croc swing.

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      2. Thanks old buddy. I already feel great —even tho you’re not supposed to, I just took a knife, cut open the bite site and squeezed blood out. All the medical sites say not to do that…but it works [they say the bite pain is supposed to last for 3 days—but it’s already gone].

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      3. Thanks for the tune and the great shots of Front Street! [I might mention that my big centipede friend won’t be “staring” at anybody anymore]….

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  7. What happened to the sale to Sports Illustrated? I saw a blog post saying Scotty was taking this blog to SI, yet here it is in all its glory. Would have tuned in earlier in this woeful little season. I’m as confused as Gomer facing 4th and 1.
    (Sorry if this was addressed before.)

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      1. Judging from the traffic, it looks like everybody on earth agrees with you, my dear friend Owns…….

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  8. Dear Pisley:

    What bozo 2021 BB recruit’s father, mother, brother, sister, or cousin did Andyain’twinning hire to make sure the recruit signed with Clown U?


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