USC-Arizona Report Card


Kedon Slovis might have an injury but you wouldn’t know it listening to USC. If he has a mechanical problem, what have QB experts Clay Helton and Graham Harrell been doing about it?

Grade: C+


There are good moments for the backs but there is little consistency, which boils down to play calling and the offensive line. And short-yardage situations are a nightmare. USC rushed for 173 yards but 86 came on two plays. Graham Harrell needs to commit to running.

Grade: C


Everyone who watched Drake London vs. Arizona State believed he was the key to the offense and he gets only four receptions against Arizona. There’s nothing wrong except that the coaches don’t seem to get the most out of the “nation’s top receiving corps.”

Grade: B


They always have two things going for them: Defenses rush three men and the defenses are from the Pac-12. I do think Andrew Voorhes played better vs. Arizona after struggling vs. ASU while Alijah Vera-Tucker and Jalen McKenzie were solid Saturday.

Grade: C


Marlon Tuipulotu has become the dominant figure, which is a surprise when Drake Jackson is on the line. Jackson looked better but still needs to be more consistent. Like everything else with the defense, there’s not much difference from last year.

Grade: C


This is Todd Orlando’s group and he needs to do a better job. Yes, there are some injuries but there’s been a lot of anonymous play from some veterans too. Just not god enough the first two games.

Grade: D+


Chris Steele keeps grabbing and Isaiah Pola-Mao, one of the biggest stars on the team, still takes the wrong angles on some plays. At some point, the media will start asking Donte Williams some tough questions (maybe).

Grade: D-


If you thought Sean Snyder would immediately wipe away the tarnish from John Baxter, think again. There was a poor snap on a field goal, a missed chip shot and the usual forgettable punting of Ben Griffiths (but he played rugby in Australia!).

Grade: D+


I don’t even know where to start. Every week, it’s a disorganized mess. The penalties returned in force vs. Arizona. The delay of game inside the 10-yard line was pathetic. The refusal to snap under center on fourth-and-1. The utter lack of fire in pre-game or fourth-quarter sidelines. I could spend 30 minutes just talking about what a disappointment Todd Orlando and his staff have been despite 10 months of fanfare over their hirings.

Clay Helton remains on a treadmill to oblivion while Mike Bohn looks the other way.

Grade: F

51 thoughts on “USC-Arizona Report Card

      1. Bingo, gotroy. The rah-rahs can’t recognize weak and crappy football even when it bites them in their azzes. “But we’re 2 and 0!” This team may well be even worse than last year’s edition. The poor coaching certainly hasn’t changed. I cringe to think of what Oregon would’ve done to this defense if SC had played it in either of the last two games.

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      2. I like that terrifictommy is back…..but how can Scott give Helton anything but an F? Fans and announcers were astounded by the lack of emotion on the field and the sidelines (pure talent saved us from a humiliating loss to a bottom 50 team] —- this isn’t the way to go into the Utah game.

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    1. Eat a bag of dicks, Tommy. You too, Pud. Go enjoy some 7-layer bean dip in your stupid cardinal and gold print Hawai’ian shirt from the book store and your khaki Dockers. Leave the SC Football to those who actually understand it.


      1. Would that be the bag of strapons your wife keeps in her nightstand…you know, the ones she uses on ya shortly after whispering softly in your ear.. “rosebud”. ESAD

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      2. Sometimes Pudly can be the baddest of the bad boys….


    1. Wait a minute…Vera-Tucker is the top rated tackle in the power 5. Gets a “solid”, according to Scottie. Voorhees definitely improved from last week, even the announcers gave him a shout-out. Scottie graded McKenzie the same as Vera-Tucker, “solid”. And the grade is:

      “C-” !!

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  1. I am always left to wonder if Helton is watching the same USC CFB team as I’m watching based on the total DISCONNECT in his evaluation of game play.

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    1. There are many questions about Scottie’s gradebook. His office hours would be constantly swarmed for requests for regrades, many that would be legitimate.


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      1. STATEWIDE CURFEW? Governor Gavin Newsom on Monday said he was considering implementing a statewide curfew as coronavirus cases in California nearly doubled in the last 10 days, the “fastest increase yet,” he said. STORY:

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  2. When are we going to see our rugby player run the ball? Millions of dollars getting him on campus and all we get in return is pooch punts. (Sounds like a boat for dogs on vacation)
    Rugby players are known for lowering their shoulders and plowing through people. On fourth and short why not run for the first down?

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  3. Scotty gives all passing grades,GPA 1.5? but for helton an F, same for his bosses. I probably score the team a little higher,but coaching is about right. You can see sc is not at all physical compared to opponents. Both games were saved by a tip at the end…most teams can’t live long on that, but the competition is less than stellar,it is cellar dwellers for this season.

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    1. Utah will be a REAL test…if it happens…

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      1. Michael.

        USC has never lost to the CU Buffs. Ever.
        Each year the game gets closer and closer.
        The Buffs have lost all their best offensive weapons over the last 2 seasons.
        Sets up for me for one of those epic HC CH signature losses.

        I have a sick feeling that 2020 could finally be the year.


      2. Hey Bourbon,

        Remember, USC needed a comeback to beat Colorado last year. Things might get troublesome with the Buffs this year.



  4. The treadmill line with the A.D. looking the other way was pretty good.



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