Petros Papadakis On Clay Helton’s Response To Kedon Slovis Passes

Petros Papadakis has weighed in on the Kedon Slovis controversy, specifically Clay Helton’s different answers when asked about Slovis having problems throwing a spiral.

“It’s been very difficult for our friend, Clay Helton, to answer the question,” Papadakis said. “Just answer the question honestly.

“Whatever the truth is, he doesn’t say it. There was no wind (a Arizona).”

8 thoughts on “Petros Papadakis On Clay Helton’s Response To Kedon Slovis Passes

  1. Petros —Many times the wind can be blowing really bad without there being an actual, measurable wind. Sometimes no one will see or feel this kind of wind —but other times, maybe one player WILL feel it —and it’s often the quarterback [because of very complicated wind factors]…. it burns me up when people downplay this phenomenon…..

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    1. Agreed. Grant Gunnell didn’t have any problems throwing (that kid doesn’t have receiver talent but he’s a baller)… but the wind is sometimes tricky like that, where only one QB is affected and the same one that is generally affected who has a career of throwing jumpballs for the best receiving corp in the nation.

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    2. Micheal,

      With all due respect, there was no wind at the Colsieum at the ASU game. The ball came out the same way as it did at the UofA game. In two games, the ball has come out wobbly. Even if there is wind, a good qb can throw a ball in the wind or with the wind and it will spend properly. Marjinvoich did this when he played qb at SC. He palyed against WSU with the wind.

      It is mechanics, fear of getting hit, or wind that is affecting him. The qb caoch and the qb nned to figure it out. Thank you for allowing me to discuss this

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  2. Maybe Petros thinks Kedon is using the same game enhancement Charles White and Todd Marinovich were using at USC. This would explain a lot of problems. However, I really hope this is not the case. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar unless it is wacky tobaccy.
    So has Petros had his press credentials returned by Bohn?

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      1. Carol and Bohn believe in “openness” —but Scott being allowed at practice?!


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