Who Came Up With This Answer? Clay Helton Or Todd Orlando?

In a normal program, the head coach has a philosophy that filters down to the staff.

But in this case, I’m not sure Clay Helton didn’t ask Todd Orlando for an answer about Chris Steele and just repeated his answer.

Here is what Helton said about Steele, who has five penalties in two games.

“I don’t want to take that aggressiveness away from him.”

Here is what Orlando said:

“You want guys to be aggressive. If you get too much into a corner’s head and make them soft, you’ll never get that back.”

At least they are on the same page!

18 thoughts on “Who Came Up With This Answer? Clay Helton Or Todd Orlando?

  1. “I don’t want our players to get hurt practicing tackling.”
    “I don’t mind our center over-snapping the football into our own endzone…”
    “It’s not a problem if Biggie gets into a screaming match with fans at the end of the game that costs us field position…”
    “My hat is off to all the fans from Iowa who booed our team.”
    Let’s face it — the line about it being “ok for Steele to hold” came straight from Helton.

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  2. Helton is a pariah. I’m so tired of him and his lying, his totally made up stuff, his ruining players and coaches. Not a nice guy, but a schlemiel. Yuck, Yuck, Yuck. USC athletics should spend some of the 3/4 of a billion dollars they raised during the $6 B fundraising campaign and just send him off in P.J. Fleck’s “row the boat” far far away from USC. Just makes me sick. I was OK until they started playing football again. It’s hard being invested and so passionate about your alma mater’s football team. I’m trying to divest. But I love college football. I need therapy. LOL.

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      1. Yeah –Joan’s right: At this point, USC football is anything but therapeutic….

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      2. Michael, Saturday will be a tough game. A really tough one. Because the players have to overcome the half-wit to have a chance to win. Cold weather. On the road. Plus the half wit. I’d say that is roughly a 21 point handicap, all told

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      3. Also –the half wit (instead of saying that our players play tough but always within the rules) basically begged the refs to get on Chris Steele all night …. I honestly don’t get where he’s coming from….

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    1. JL:
      I consider myself an old-schooler. Fan since the 1969 USC-UCLA game I watched TWICE as an 8year old. Undergrad and Med School at USC, among other things. My lil sister–the smarter Trojan in the family–completed her MBA and Doctorate in 5 years at USC. She’s a baller. And oh, BTW, we were a solid lower to middle class family.

      In 1983 the program went into the crapper for 18 years, and it was truly BRUTAL to be a Trojan fan. Despite an occasional RB victory during that time, those 18 seasons were not what I agreed to in 1969.

      Never divested.
      I support the team and Bohn. If Helton does not up his game, he’s out no matter whether you and I divest from Folt/USC or not. While I’ve been supportive of Drevno over the past two seasons, he has 3-5 games to prove he gets to keep his job. If the O-line con’t to disappoint, then Drev is “calloway’d” and HC CH will have replaced his entire staff in about a year. If the recruiting scores for 2020 are not on par, the die is cast. If 2021 is not 10-2 or better, then HC CH needs to go.

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  3. Helton and Orlando are right. If a CB is a little handsy, you do not say “Do not use your hands! Do not grab!” You never want to get into a CBs head. Instead, you say “It’s teachable. Here is how you grab and not get caught.” Which is what Orlando did say.

    Pete Carroll has said this many, many times, most recently in Seattle. The thing is, Carroll knew who to phrase the answer when ask why somneone was so grabby, because Carroll knew that fans and journalists wouldn’t get the context. Carroll would skip right to the “It’s teachable. We will fix it.” Meaning we will teach him how not to get caught.

    Scott, Helton says enough dishonest and idiotic things that you do not have to push the stuff he says that sounds wrong to the fans but is actually right. Because it makes your criticism less credible. Focus and the BS regarding the wind in AZ, etc. There are enough Helton-isms to go around!

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    1. I get it, Independent —but I can promise you—every year Helton’s sloppy way of defending USC players gets us into trouble with the hypersensitive Pac 12 officials. [We’re in agreement on this: Pete understands how to turn a phrase. Most of the time that makes all the difference]….

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  4. I really wish Clay Helton would realize he’s unqualified and resign. But since he won’t, I will have to change his name for him. From now on in my comments he will be referred to as UnQue.
    UnQue makes all kinds of UnQue statements because UnQue likes to test the wind with his spittal.
    However, UnQue wouldn’t know a real football quote if he read it in a fortune cookie. The fact is, most of what he says comes from takeout boxes. Last week UnQue was at an In&Out when a reporter recognized him. The reporter said, ” UnQue, what’s the good word? ” UnQue looked around for inspiration and found a note on the bottom of the cup holding his diet Sprite. UnQue looked up and said, “John 3:16,” thinking it sounded like a football play. The reporter thought it was the smartest thing UnQue has said in ten years.

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      1. As true as I could make up when I decided to write it😁
        I just wanted to rename Helton. UnQue was just a spur of the moment.
        A true story is that my loving spouse has accused me of posting just to make people laugh.

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      2. Love it! If only we could get candidates to be this honest!
        [You should have made the reporter, Scott]….


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