JT Daniels Expected To Start for Georgia On Saturday

Former USC quarterback JT Daniels will finally get his chance to start for Georgia on Saturday when the Bulldogs face Mississippi State, according to multiple reports.

This has been a long time coming for Daniels, given how Georgia’s quarterbacks have struggled lately.

We will also get to see how he does against SEC defensive linemen.

“Since he’s been here, he’s done some nice things,” Georgia coach Kirby Smart said Wednesday. “He’s a guy that’s worked really hard . . . I’m pleased with the way he’s worked. I’ve been pleased with the way he’s rehabbed his knee and improved his knee and learning our offense and the leadership he’s shown since he arrived has been very good.”

Who will have a better spiral Saturday? Daniels or Kedon Slovis?

17 thoughts on “JT Daniels Expected To Start for Georgia On Saturday

  1. Kedon will be working in cold weather. I don’t know if the ball will fly well. Unfortunately the offensive coordinator is stubborn and will insist on throwing the rock.
    I don’t know where JT will be playing but I hope he does well. Daniels graduated early and worked hard to start for UnQue and UnQue just dropped him when he got hurt.
    If I had to guess we will see two different quarterbacks Saturday night. I mean Slovis will struggle and finally work the bugs out. If UnQue doesn’t vary the routine USC will to a team playing their first game.

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      1. That’s not super cold when you’re playing in it. It’s cold to stand around, but not when moving. If it’s wet and windy, then it’s cold. Hands just don’t work the same way.


    1. Rialto –There appears to be a word missing from your last sentence [between “will” and “to”]—I fear it’s the word “lose”…..

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  2. JT playing is a win-win for Scottie. If JT has a good outing, Scottie will say “See! Look how good a kid can play once he gets away from that loser Helton!” And if JT struggles, which I hope he doesn’t, then Scottie will say “Look, JT never should have started in ’18! Jack Sears should have started!”

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      1. Cool. [Last year I thought Jacob could be more of an asset if he’d put on a little weight —he looked a little light for his height ]…..

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    1. You are so outta the USC loop, tebow—– if ‘he’ was a ‘she’, Folt would’ve insisted on putting her in the starting lineup last year…..

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