A USC-Utah Hot Take

Pac-12 Network analyst Yogi Roth is writing a weekly notebook for the conference website with his take on every game.

Here is an excerpt from USC-Utah: “Grit is defined as having passion and perseverance, and in two games, USC has proven to have both

And another: “I expect USC to play its most efficient game of the season this weekend.”

That should keep USC’s coaches/administrators happy.

15 thoughts on “A USC-Utah Hot Take

    1. I’m not sure Pete cares “too much” how USC FB performs.
      Larry Smith, Ted Tollner, Paul Hackett, Lane, Sark?

      We’re on our own to resurrect the program.
      We can do it.

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  1. well if they can’t get it together and play a complete game on both sides of the ball after two poorly played games then it will only confirm again what we all know now. The coaching staff from top to bottom is mediocre at best. You can make a case for Harrel but you can’t for Orlando. And of course, there is Gomer. it looks like U will only be able to field about 70% of their roster. New QB and running backs. This should be a game we win by +14 points going away. It will be interesting…

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  2. It likely that the tarmac in Utah will be frozen I’ll give money to Bohn if he meets Helton there with water to freeze Helton’s feet to the ground. If we don’t win by two scores we will have lost. Look at the situation. This our third game of the season and the Utes’ first. How that even works is beyond me except to say “hindsight”. My dad always told me hindsight is 2020 so it fits.
    If the game IS played tomorrow night I’ll be watching so hopefully I’ll be making comments that pertain to something other than bad coaches and crappy blocking or lame duck passes or missed tackles. Come to think of it I guess I won’t write at all.

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  3. Speaking as the troll that P7x tolerates,

    Sometimes I think youz guys just overlook the obvious
    Sumtings wrong with Cletus’ shoulder, arm, wrist or finger. The coaches have appeared to be clueless when explaining the situation. They’re not clueless but they’ve taken the heat. Notice that nobody is hammering Cletus’…


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