Friday Night Hype

Does this latest production from BLVD Studios move you or are you not hip enough?

It strikes me as a mish-mash of Mandalorian and USC football clips. But someone explained to me the video inadvertently means Clay Helton is the enemy of USC football.

If you have to explain all this, it means the video is not good.

47 thoughts on “Friday Night Hype

      1. Are they DIII now? Thought they were NAIA…

        Like it matters. Who won last season? Was it the ruins? Why no, as I check google is see a vid of a butcher cutting the heart out of a pig.. with a caption saying “oh! Jonah!”

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      2. The photo finish of Jonah says it all. Marksman’s eyes on the hoop, squared up to the basket, wrist set to release. And off to the side is a flailing brubaby with no chance to defend. Seems like the days of Westbrook, Love and Collison were a lifetime ago…

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      3. Pudly — I think it’s unfairly judgmental to call UCLA and Oregon “loser schools” —- it requires looking at a piece of paper detailing the academic success of all Pac 12 schools, seeing that UCLA and Oregon are at the rock bottom of that list….and then acting like there’s something “bad” about that…..

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      4. Pudly — Question: what if “spread” doesn’t correlate with death in under 30’s? Or hospitalization? Or even serious symptoms?

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      5. ucla lowest in the entire Power 5…wait a minute…that includes all those SEC schools and also TX, Ohio State, Oklahoma, who ucla claims have no standards and only view their players as part of the athletic money machine. ucla is worse? owns, how do you defend such academic fraud?

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  1. I thought it was an episode of the British Edition of “Being Human”……

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  2. “There is no place for egos here.”

    But Clay is in the house. Talk about egos. He sucks all the air out of the locker room. And not in a good way.

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      1. Agreed.
        [Speaking of women —I have an idea —from now on let’s blame Claudette from S. I. for everything that goes wrong —not only at USC, but in the world]…

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    1. I’m way ahead of you, Pudly. I pour this stuff over steak, feed it to the neighbors’ kids and wash my car with it….

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  3. …Ah…ever heard of copy right infringement? Or are we wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars for the rights from disney and Lucas just to make a hype video. Money much better spent on buying out the dough boy, slow cousin. If a program is run right, there is no need for hype videos. The buzz takes care of itself. I have noticed in the last 8 years that this university spends more time and money trying to convince the rest of the world that it’s legit. If you are legit, you don’t have to convince anyone. It will be obvious. Just saying.

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    1. Poor Charlie Bucket, the one thing all 10 of your sock puppets share is your loathing of our best poster Pudly76 . You are too stupid to realize it gives you away every time.

      1d ago
      Well this IS interesting. I am not sure if this site is for me anymore. Each email address used generates a unique symbol that represents the email address. One person on this page has 10 such symbols generated for his username. That is some next level trolling. And none of messages upon this thread has anything to do with the the purpose of the thread. It has developed into a prepubescent name calling.

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      1. Quit whining 22 and suck it up. You’ve relentlessly used this blog to hype Fascist BS, that includes crude name calling – too little effect. As of yesterday, Biden surpassed Daffy J., in the popular election by 6 million votes – OUCH! Lock the AH up!


      2. You relentlessly use this blog to spread your socialist poison. Then you cry like a baby when you get your preachy tactics shoved in your fat face. I will love it when you are demnied again you traitor.

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      3. Pudly, gt and me would never let anything happen to Owns or Charlie if a vengeful Trump gets reelected. We’d fly straight to D. C. and make sure their names were erased from the “Mortal Enemies To Be Killed ASAP List” ….even if we had to beat up Owns’ girlfriend, Melania, to get to it…..

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      4. owns, 1-5 for the chipper this year? Or perhaps the Covid gods will bail out chip with a few cancellations?

        I recall that you were predicting a playoff-bound team in year 3 for our favorite donut dunker. It is now year 3…

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  4. Sorry I missed all the fun. I finally found a device that played the video without laughing out loud and crashing. The first thing that came to mind was why. Why make a video that isn’t made well and doesn’t mean anything more than Picasso’s less known butt picture (after he removed a cheek for a boyfriend)
    Anyway when we lose to Utah (a real possibility) will they say it’s the baby yoda jinx?
    I’m asking for a friend.
    Finally this is the first time I have written a post using predictive text, which pretty much sums up how Harrell writes his game plan. I gotta give the phone back to my daughter before she finds out I’m posting.

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