Pick The USC-Utah Score

Can Utah possibly beat USC in its first game of the season?

That’s a big ask with a new QB and a lot of new defensive faces. On the other hand, does USC ever play consistently for four quarters?

32 thoughts on “Pick The USC-Utah Score

      1. Charlie is really messing with me, gt. When he asked a question instead of guessing the score (like he was supposed to) I started having a panic attack. 67 helped pull me out of it just in time.


  1. Points are 2.5. Sheesh. We never beat the points. Means we will probably lose. I wouldn’t take SC and the points. It’s going to be around 36 degrees at altitude. I hope they have a lot of oxygen for those boys. That’s what makes it so hard to play in Utah and Colorado. I honestly don’t think they should be in the PAC 12. They should be in the Mountain West. Altitude is tough. Especially on the big bodied lineman. Only saving grace is Helton would be closer to being shown the door. And, please, shut it on his way out.

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    1. Point spread has gone down every day this week. Could be a pick ’em situation by kick off.
      I sure hope we’re not gonna see the guys on the sidelines standing around looking lifeless….

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    1. I hesitate to say this …. but I liked “incase” much better…

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  2. Hard to pick, with so much uncertainty. Is Slovis able to throw an effective ball? How many points will Clay cost us? Does Harrell try to exploit the run game in the cold weather? Do the LBs deliver?

    A sigh of relief if they escape with 24-21, Trojans.
    With a good coaching staff, more like 31-17 Trojans.

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      1. Michael, ESPN gives USC a 45% chance to win tonight. But hey, what do they know – ESPN had us losing the opener with ASU with a 99.8% chance with 2 minutes left.

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      2. 67,
        I don’t blame anybody for doubting USC after the way we horsed around the last 2 weeks. But I believe (I wanna believe) that we’re better than we’ve looked do far……

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      3. I know Clay is working his ass off …and doing the best he can….but I just saw the Jerry Nadler “waddle off the stage” video… and there’s no denying Helton’s got a lotta Nadler in him….

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  3. If we were the team we were predicted to be, and Utah was starting their season, I’d predict a high score in favor of USC.
    However after two games, the predicted Trojans haven’t shown up. (A line that could cool a date in a flash.)
    So my prediction centers on what the predictable Trojans have done in their first two games. Utah clock keepers will run the clock as much as possible in the fourth quarter and time will run out before a comeback can be mounted. (Thus out coaching the worst head coach in history)
    And aren’t we all wishing Kim Helton had known about Trojans in the 80s?

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    1. Utah may win —but no way they’re holding USC to 17 points (unless we lose Slovis and/or fumble at the goal line once a quarter)…..

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  4. First Rialto, Helton was born in 1972 so your prediction about Kim Helton using prophylactic protection in the 80s might be true if Kim didn’t want any more children, but without personal knowledge we may never know. If I had a son named Clay, I would begin prophylactic precautions.
    Second if we were playing Stanford, I would believe the clock running against the Trojans, it has happened before.
    Finally I noticed you used the word predict quite a bit. The word in all its forms is much like the “F” bomb. The “F”bomb starts out as a verb (action word) but the modern English lexicon has improved the “F”bomb to about every form of speech there is for instance “Helton is a stupid “F”bomb” makes the word a noun. “I have made a prediction,” makes predict a noun.
    All this to point out you predict we get “F”boned by a homer time keeper? I’ll go with that, but I might be reading too much into your prediction.

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  5. Not a lot of folks predicting the score here.

    I’ll never go against the Trojans in games that they SHOULD win, so its
    Trojans 27 ugly
    Utah 24

    The cold weather and the altitude cost an ill-prepared Helton team with several key injuries taking several starters out for the next many weeks.
    Playing football AT NIGHT AT THESE LOW TEMPERATURES in not consistent with what College Football and the NCAA should be about.

    The CU Buffs get two weeks to rest and to prepare for the Trojans next week in LA.

    While the Trojans are abundantly capable of ambushing themselves with this Head Coach, Larry Scott’s ridiculous attempts at ambushing several Pac 12 CFB programs (esp USC) does no one in the Conference any good.

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    1. Astute observation, Bourbon. Very few score predictions. Scott used to generate lots of “USC 54, Opponent 10” predictions the day of games…


  6. It’s half time and USC should be up by 20 pts. Utah should not be in the game. Only USC’s talent, not coaching, keeps the Trojans ahead. It will be a disaster when USC plays a real team.
    Next year will be a complete disaster.
    Class of 66.

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