My USC-Utah Pick

Since the end of last season, I’ve had this game as a win on the USC schedule.

Utah’s defense lost nine starters. It lost its quarterback and tailback.

Even worse for the Utes, this is their first game of the season.

But guess what, I’m tired of picking a team that is a reflection of their coach. And I’m tired of defensive coaches who have shown nothing in two games.

So I might be wrong with my pick, but I can live with myself more by picking Utah because they get more out of less.

So I’m going with Utah 31-30.

42 thoughts on “My USC-Utah Pick

  1. We’re this not Utah’s first game of the season I’d pick them going away. If Utah does the wise thing and drops 8 on defense every time USC will lose because they are one dimensional and dumb.

    Honestly I’ve reached the fan’s emotional dilemma. My heart will want them to win even though my brain nows the best outcome is them losing. Each loss is one less excuse to keep the dumbass Conference USA coach and his staff of idiots. The endowment is $5.5b and the stock market is at an all time high just write the check and let us be done with Helton.

    Ps – I hope the Slovis lives through this game. I’ve got a bad feeling.

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    1. USC has played 2 games, Utah hasn’t played any games thus far and yet the Utes are favored to win tonight.




      1. P. S.
        We’re so lucky that BYU is a senior-heavy team. The BYU team I saw today would tear USC up…..

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      2. ucla will probably beat USC, that’s if Gov Gruesome doesn’t stop it before it starts.

        I saw a LOT of teams today that would beat Clay’s bunch

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      3. The Ducks’ Verdell had 12 carries for 18 yards. I didn’t see the game, but that sounds like a great defensive effort. Verdell is averaging over 6 yards per carry in his career, and ran for over 1,000 the last 2 seasons.

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      4. UCLA is better right now. Look at what they did to Oregon in Autzen Stadium without Dorian Robinson-Thompson using a freshman QB who has never played much before. Oregon won 38-35 but look at the boxscore. Oregon won on one freak play on the last play of the first half when UCLA threw a pick six.SC better improve fast.

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    1. If memory serves, the last USC-Indiana game was the ’68 Rose Bowl, 14-3 for the Trojans. Ron Yary opening big holes. Game wasn’t that close. Today, I don’t think we would be within 10 points of Indiana.

      They have a real coach.

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      1. Although nobody seems able to get this idea over to Folt or Bohn —coaching is the difference maker. Great coaches get more outta players than they think they have. [Can anyone ever forget the photo of Urban Meyer consolingly patting Clay’s shoulder after the Cotton Bowl —Urban’s expression had “Poor USC!” written all over it]…..

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      2. We beat a Lee Corso coached Indiana team 28-7 in 1982.
        The main reason I remember this was because all our coaches were chomping at the bit to shut up a brash, loud-mouthed Coach Corso
        (their words–not mine).

        Back in those days, Corso was not so well-regarded.
        Of course, today, he is a CFB institution!

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  2. If SC played UCLA next week SC would lose. UCLA went down to Autzen stadium and dominated Oregon. Look at the box score. Oregon won that game 38-35 on the last play of the first half when UCLA had the ball and threw a pick six in the first halfs last play. Plus Dorian Robinson-Thompson didn’t play. They used a freshman QB who has hardly ever been on the field in a real game.

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      1. Good choice for Chip to take the fall and not throw the kid under the bus. I’ll give this to Chip, I don’t think he would have given a game ball to “Coach Block” after a victory. Chip, have a donut on us.


  3. Michael, this is Helton’s 11th year in the program, 6th as HC. Gross pay in this period somewhere between $25 – $30 million. Think about that for a moment.

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    1. Excellent info. Only wish blogger had financial insight but he is journalism major and never took finance courses at USC. As I said during March stock market meltdown, Clay lost more than one can imagine if he panicked and sold.

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    2. I have, 67. I wish Folt would.
      A lot of folks feel like it’s all on the line tonight for Helton. He NEEDS to be able to beat a team playing it’s first game with a new QB AND running back. He just has to do it —that’s all.

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    1. I’m hoping both McClains return.
      We will lose two very experienced, highly regarded WR’s to the NFL after this season. Hopefully Munir will return and excel, sell a bunch of high-end shoes (you gotta respect an entrepreneurial young student), and graduate with a degree from a top 20 school..

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