USC-Utah Live Blog

What a game! Not.

What was that blackout? ESPN announcers not at game. And I think it was the best five minutes of USC football all season. No stress.

Kedon Slovis with a weird handoff to Kenan Christon and then a bad pass over middle as Trojans settle for field goal. 30-17, USC.

USC adds a field goal. Slovis dropped football when he bumped Vavae Malepeai but Malepeai recovered.

A pretty ugly half of football. USC leads, 24-17.

USC comes back with another TD drive and it’s 24-10. It’s over unless Utah figures out how to run an offense.

Wow, Kedon Slovis just threw a horrible pass and it’s intercepted.

Utah with third turnover on fumbled handoff.

Kedon Slovis fumbles and Utah recovers and takes it to the end zone. It’s 10-10.

The Utah QB is a turnover machine and he fumbles, which leads to Vavae Malepeai’s 2-yard TD run.

Drake Jackson intercepts an overthrown screen pass.

Kedon Slovis is OK, but he looks like nothing like last season yet. And it’s cold but he still doesn’t look like his old self. He’s had at least two passes behind the receiver and one floater. USC ties it, 3-3.

Kedon Slovis doesn’t look sharp on first pass and Trojans punt.

Utah goes three-and-out to start the game.

Markese Stepp not playing because of an upper body injury.

108 thoughts on “USC-Utah Live Blog

      1. So all those Trojan 4 & 5 star WR’s and not a one of them can get separation, let alone get open downfield 10 – 15 yards.

        There are schools that mainly run the ball and even they have a few pass plays where they can get their WR’s open downfield 20- 25 yards.

        And Helton & Harrell call this Trojan offense the “Air Raid”?


        More like “Dink & Dunk”



      1. Well…. TD for Utah!! Thanks 67!!
        [But it’s not on you —Slovis has OFFICIALLY turned into a headcase]…
        I think not getting pushed in practice (due to total lack of talent behind him) is taking it’s toll —he’s playing as lethargically as a QB can play. It’s embarrassing —and not fair to the defense ….

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    1. Looks like another predictive text mishap. I’ve seen several “together” jerseys. It’s like an equipment malfunction.
      Rialto your job is make a sentence out of those words.

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      1. Okay 207 there are 7 words and with a short stop at conjunction junction I can make a sentence thusly; Peace and love together with equality, unity and hope is enough.
        However if the idea catches on USC should designate names. Slovis would get lugubrious. The linemen can have holdem. The defense can have misaligned. Helton can show solidarity with the team by wearing Phyreme. Tell him it is a Greek god. He’ll never know he has “fire me” on a jersey. How’s that for a plan?

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  1. toejam67 said, “Spiral! TD!”

    From 3 yards out. My niece could have thrown a spiral for a TD from that far out…and she’s 9.



  2. And Shedon Slovis throws another pick…LMFAO!

    That girl Slovis is a mess, she’s afraid to take a hit, defenses are living rent free in her head.



    1. I don’t know if this team has the WILL to put anybody away.
      Naturally, some of the luster and excitement is missing due to no fans in the stands—but USC’s offense looks so detached —especially Kedon. That “light” that Harrell said he saw in Slovis’ eyes last fall looks like it’s gone out.

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    U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann in closing told Donald J. Trump and his attorney’s to, “Kick rocks and tell your story walkin'”.


    The judge kicked those Trump Clowns out of the courtroom and the state/commonwealth.




      1. It was a fucking district court judge —it doesn’t matter what he says or thinks. The guy’s low man on the totem pole….

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      2. He’s a Republican. You idiots believe everything the nutjob right wingers are selling you. They’re making you angry so you’ll give them your money.


      3. He’s as Republican as Mitt Romney and Pat “No Tariff’s Toomey the Globalist Traitors. You idiots beloieve everything the Fake News Mediacrats tell you. You are too stupid to question the same people who lied to you about Russian Collusion the last 4 years.


    1. Alternatively, the front 7 D is playing enthusiastically, rushing the passer, grabbingTFL’s, and–most importantly–having a ton of fun. Utah O is not good, but I’m seeing some improvement in the front 7..

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  4. Listen here Kingfish

    My beloved Coach Helton is working hard to earn his $160,000 biweekly salary.
    And remember, Mrs Helton works even harder spending it.

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  5. It’s not the time keeper, it’s the TV station. I’ve been bamboozled. The only thing that could make Helton look good is a shot of the stadium lights. Two guys sitting in their living room calling the game.
    When I was a kid they called that radio.

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  6. Someone tell me, during the assistant coach purge last season did Helton fire the equipment manager?
    Why are the helmets coming off the players?
    Just another problem Helton can’t fix.

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  7. Decent clock management by Kedon and Vavae.
    Heading over to the Bourbon shelf for my first sip since–well–that shellacking of the UCLA Bruins in 2019.*

    *and that was a Blanton’s night.

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      1. And…our defense looked good. Orlando is better against immobile QB’s….which means we might be okay next week too [although Colorado is playing over their heads right now]…..

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  8. Hey 207 I answered your challenge way up there the 7 words Utah used in their jerseys. (Sounds like George Carlin skit)
    Speaking of the days when radio was the only way to “see” the game, the players wore shoulder pads wider than a Tesla backseat and the lineman were heavier than the Tesla battery. The equipment guy was important because he was the guy that had access to helmet stickers that my brother used to get for the East Valley Trojans. (A Pop Warner team)
    Say goodnight Gracie

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