Sunday Night With Clay Helton

Everything was peachy Sunday night after an easy win over Utah.

Clay Helton praised defensive tackle Marlon Tuipulotu and said he “may be the best defensive player in our league right now, the way he’s playing.”

  • Helton said defensive end Nick Figueroa is playing at an “all-conference” level the first three games.
  • Helton said linebacker Ralen Goforth sprained his foot during the game.
  • Helton said he was pleased with the running game: “The numbers don’t show it in the run game, but I thought the run game was productive for the number of times we handed it off.”
  • The Apple Cup (Washington-Washington State) was canceled. That means if Washington State is healthy, it would have two weeks off before playing USC.
  • Tight end Josh Falo has rejoined the team following the birth of his daughter.
  • USC opened a 12.5-point favorite over Colorado according to BetOnline.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Night With Clay Helton

  1. My preliminary research on the CU Buffs….

    Their QB, Noyer, was fairly highly rated coming out of HS, but could not crack the starting line-up so he asked to be switched to SAFETY, where he also sat the bench. I watched QB Steve Montez a fair bit over his 4-5 years while he was he was at CU and while he was a gamer, he was not very athletic nor accurate. Noyer couldn’t beat him out. Not a lot of game reps so far in his CFB career. What’s your defensive game plan?

    CU’s only RB has run the ball well in their two games. I don’t know what to make of that, however. I don’t know what to make of their WR’s, but I’ll do some research before Saturday AM.

    My expectation is that Orlando and So’oto come up with a scheme to make their untested QB uncomfortable and have to win the game with his arm (ie, don’t let their run game get established). Make their inexperienced QB one dimensional.

    I like our DB crew.

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    1. Will wazzu be the fifth team we face who doesn’t play the week before playing us? Has there ever beeen a team who’s played five games against teams who didn’t play the prior week?

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      1. Pudly,
        In ordinary circumstances, I’d be unhappy playing a team “which had a bye-week” prior. However, all teams are “well-rested” at this stage. I’m thinking that GAME REPS are more important than “being rested” or “getting healthy.”
        So, let’s keep rolling each week, be smart vs COVID, play a game each week, and build towards an improved 2021 season.

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  2. Remember All: InsideUSC is the place to be every Sunday night….

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  3. I would love to predict a game this far out, but being a jinx and a good one at that, I shouldn’t.
    My crystal ball says it could the ultimate 2020 game. Some of the things that could happen include a drop kick for two points to send the game into overtime. But before that happens the Trojans stop using the sanitizer towelettes on the sidelines. The result is immediate as they start hanging on to the ball better.
    Coaches Orlando and Harrell will bring a home remedy from down on the farm which replace the moist towelettes. The procedure involves horse droppings, (provided by Robert E. Lee’s horse named widow maker) and castor oil. The players place their hands in the warm remnants of hay and then rinse with castor oil. “With that stuff on their hands, they don’t dare put them in their mouth” the coaches said.

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  4. I predict our first blow out against the Buffs at home. Even with our fearless leader on the sidelines crippling this team. Probably has meddled in Harrell’s offense, too. Can’t understand why it isn’t firing on all cylinders with all the weapons we have. Mind boggling.

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