Unraveling What Happened With USC Tailbacks

Clay Helton did not want to reveal what happened with Markese Stepp and Stephen Carr before the Utah game.

Sources tell me Stepp practiced Tuesday and Wednesday but missed Thursday’s lighter practice. Carr was sick earlier in the week and only practiced Thursday. Helton neglected to say either was less than 100 percent during the week.

8 thoughts on “Unraveling What Happened With USC Tailbacks

  1. Sounds mysterious…Scottie, we need more inside info than this. Last October, Markese was supposed to be out “3 to 5 weeks” and ended up being out for more than a year. Vavae runs with a ton of heart, but really need the big fella back.

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      1. Yeah, you’d think they’d use their free time chasing more movie stars and corporate bigwigs who use their wealth and influence to better their kids lives…. Real threats to public safety !

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      2. ..or industrial titans and real estate tycoons who donate huge sums of money to Universities and put names on buildings and/or tenured department chairs only to have several of their dopeish kids “earn” entrance into the school.

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  2. Hey Clownster’s, do you think the Jet’s are holding the Piglet out of games so he doesn’t get hurt again or make his stats worse, so they can trade him?

    BTW, the tough Ju Ju got hurt stepping on a ref’s flag today. Sounds ticky-tack to me.


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