USC-Utah Report Card


Something is wrong with Kedon Slovis. He isn’t saying. Clay Helton isn’t saying. Graham Harrell isn’t saying. But like everything else with USC and its easy schedule, it might not matter.

Grade: D


If I have an observation off the Utah game, I’d probably like to see Kenan Christon start getting more carries, since the offense could use a breakaway threat.

Grade: C+


Are these really the nation’s best receivers? There are good moments and Drake London is an underused to star. But I feel like most of these receivers are below the best USC receivers of the past 20 years.

Grade: B


Four penalties, including two by Jalen McKenzie. Imagine if there were actually fans in the stadium?

Grade: C+


USC coaches thought before the season Marlon Tuipulotu would return in 2021. Not anymore. You might be surprised that Drake Jackson made only two tackles.

Grade: B


Ralen Goforth and Kana’i Mauga combined for 23 tackles and probably wish they could face Utah’s offense all season.

Grade: B+


Chris Steele did not have any penalties and USC got to celebrate every incomplete pass, which meant a lot of celebrations.

Grade: C+


I thought Ben Griffiths was booming of his punts but then saw he averaged 43.6 yards per punt. But no big mistakes for the special teams.

Grade: B


The defense did what it did the first two games: Blitz. The offense lacks explosiveness and I can’t tell that Graham Harrell has yet solved the drop-8 defenses he has faced for more than a year. And Clay Helton acts like he won in a sold-out Rice-Eccles Stadium with his post-game comments.

But it was a great night because Utah was in Game 1 and had no quarterbacks.

Grade: D+

7 thoughts on “USC-Utah Report Card

  1. Scottie, you gave Sovis a “C” in the ASU game where he was 40/55, nearly 400 yards, 2 TD, and in which he threw a dart for the game winner at the end.

    If that game was a “C”, then to be consistent, you have to grade him in the “F” territory for the Utah game. Just saying. Or you could adjust your grading scale to be more realistic.

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    1. Scott is too kind to give an individual player an “F” —as a caring & supportive person it’s just not in him…

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  2. That defense is not that bad. We’ll see how it goes the rest of the year. We’ve given up 527 yards in rushing to our opponents but 175 came from the QB and lack of containment. So we’re only averaging giving up 117 a game to the RB’s. That’s not bad for a new defense. If we can learn to contain the QB we should be alright because I think that the secondary is playing fairly well. All that should improve if we don’t have major injuries because they are still learning the defense.

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    1. One tiny problem –we’re really effective against the tailbacks cuz we’re ignoring the QB. Referring to Oklahoma’s potent offense, McKay said, “we’ve gotta be able to tackle EVERYTHING & ANYTHING that moves in the backfield.”

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  3. Scottie, I agree Slovis is mesmerized by the zone. Drop 8. He is clutch though. I will ride with him when the chips are on the table. When he is aggressive and not just looking for London LOOK OUT. USC has 3 world beaters on D, I wish IE would be included to make 4. TO coach up. FIGHT ON, & go Swordsmen


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