Clay Helton Finds A Big Accomplishment For USC

Everyone agrees this is a crazy, on-the-fly, asterisk-filled season.

But Clay Helton likes to act like its 2019 when he talks about accomplishments to his players. What did he tell the Trojans when they got into the locker room after defeating Utah, 33-17, on Saturday night?

A player I spoke to said Helton told the team it was Utah’s first loss in its first home game of the season for almost 20 years.

Well, let’s look at who Utah played in the first home game since 2007, when the Utes lost to Air Force.

2019: Northern Illinois

2018: Weber State

2017: North Dakota

2016: Souhern Utah

2015: Michigan

2014: Idaho State

2013: Utah State

2012: Northern Colorado

2011: Montana State

2010: Pitt

2009: Utah State

2008: UNLV

2007: Air Force, L

The only team worth worrying about was Michigan and that was Jim Harbaugh’s first game.

Never mind Utah had not played until Saturday and USC played two games, Helton will take it and run with it.

37 thoughts on “Clay Helton Finds A Big Accomplishment For USC

  1. It was a good outing if you think your quarterback should fumble and or toss the ball behind the receiver. It was great if you found amusement in the woke mentality of having words instead of names on the jerseys.
    Trojandude 207 challenged me to make a sentence out of the words (during the game. I did.
    Okay 207 there are 7 words and with a short stop at conjunction junction I can make a sentence thusly; Peace and love together with equality, unity and hope is enough.
    However if the idea catches on USC should designate names. Slovis would get lugubrious. The linemen can have holdem. The defense can have misaligned. Helton can show solidarity with the team by wearing Phyreme. Tell him it is a Greek god. He’ll never know he has “fire me” on a jersey. How’s that for a plan?

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    1. Thanks Rialto I saw that Saturday. Are you good at reading body language? The picture of Helton seems to say “I got an extension bigger than this”

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  2. I love USC Football. I’m Passionate about it. Maybe that is why I am so frustrated with Helton still hanging on by his fingernails and $5M a year and a $36 Million buyout for a just plain awful coach, steeped in his own ego just like a politician. It’s so irritating and angering. Most of all because this team should be great. So many weapons and so much talent. Even in this crazy year. I wish these young men had the fortune to be taught by an Urban Meyer, maybe even a Matt Campbell, but sadly they are the biggest losers. Their years at USC denigrated, their draft stock hobbled, and their future earnings impacted. Teaching isn’t just in the classroom. It’s on the field, the court and in the pool. USC better do something about this or they will lose recruits, more donors, more fans, and create apathy around a tradition that has been an integral part of USC since its inception.

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    1. Urban Meyer, Matt Campbell, then there is Tom Allen (Indiana), Kalani Sitaki (BYU), Jamey Chadwell (Coastal Carolina), so many possibilities. But Folt refuses to make a change.

      Regarding the buyout, it gets smaller every year. Clay’s contract is up in 2023, so I’m guessing that the buyout must be down to about $10 million at this point. Hiring a first-rate coach would more than make up for that loss.

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    1. The program has not passed the “sniff test” for over a decade.
      Don’t blame the messenger–even if he is wrong on occasion.*
      We hang around here, Gabby, to talk about it and come up with a consensus.

      *Look at Saturday’s post of predicted scores. I had USC 27ugly UU 24.

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      1. Michael, owns got thrown out of the bruins site for bad behavior. He is thankful we understand his special needs.


  3. This just in: Matt “the Chin” Leinart says he’s moving out of LA because of LA’s restaurant shut down. Poor Mattie baby, how will LA ever survive?



    1. Did rosen take his hot tub to az? And then miami? Seems he’s got a lot of time to make butt bubbles since he’s not seen the field in a bit.

      What a great guy…couldn’t be more deserving of the way he’s been treated by the league.

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    2. Poor Owns, taking a shot at someone who could arguably called the most successful college QB of all time! I sure as hell am glad I don’t live in LA County. What a cesspool it has become. Owns, your dual wide is in Palmdale – must be getting cold out there.

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    3. You tee’d us up, JO.

      There are some successful, sophisticated, well-educated people who don’t wanna’ order door dash. Not all of us are as lucky as you are to live in mom’s basement, have tasty casseroles delivered downstairs, along with home baked cookies. Give Matt a break.

      PS. Don’t ever diss a living legend here on “inside.” Unless, of course, it’s OJ.

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    1. You’ve been giving credit where credit is due.
      Our young fellas have been disciplined, and the coaching and student-athletes deserve some props.

      If we get through a 6 to 7 game exhibition season without a cancellation on our part, then we gotta’ give some credit.

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      1. Well that was our last roadie until the CCG in oregon most likely. They did take a limited roster this past weekend. Only “road” game left is cross town now.

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      2. Yes, crosstown. But I don’t put anything past the bruins. Trojans: Bring large vats of of Lysol to the Rose Bowl…

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